Miami Dolphins Draft Grades (Day 3)

Dolphins Draft 2020 – Running Backs Under Consideration – CBS Miami

They saved the best for last (One of My Favorite Songs, Kenny G & Smokey Robinson) and that is exactly what they did as the Dolphins draft strategy came in focus on the last day of the 2020 NFL draft and they hit it out the park Saturday.

It started with round 4· Pick 111 when Miami traded up and picked Solomon Kindley G Georgia. The Dolphins had two lower round picks in the 4th round coming into day 3 and that also is my least favorite day of the draft because the reporters seem to make that day about them and they talk about everything and start to get away from the actual live draft and I at first had no clue that Miami traded up for pick 111.

Eventually I realized that they did trade up as Miami sent their two 4th round picks 136th & 141st to Houston for their 111th pick which ironically was Miami original spot #5 in the 4th round that they had traded to Houston last year when they traded Laremy Tunsil to the Texans.

Grade B+

Miami in round 5 had 3 picks and two picks back to back #153 & #154 so with the 153rd pick Miami chose to shut up the whiners (Guilty) who were complaining that they failed to draft one of the top RB’s who flew off the boards in rounds 2-3 as they traded the 153rd pick to the  San Francisco 49ers for running back Matt Breida, that did appease me and the light began to come on in my head what Miami was doing.


Grade A+

With the 154th pick Miami drafted Jason Strowbridge DE North Carolina and this pick opened my eyes wide as I finally caught on that the rest of the draft was targeted towards building up the trenches, a strategy I was preaching for pre-draft and the right move to make with all their resources they have in 2020.

Grade A (when you throw in the strategy)

With their 3rd pick of round 5 Miami makes another trade as they send their 173rd pick and a 7th round pick (227)  to the Philadelphia Eagles to move up to the 164th spot and they drafted DE/LB Curtis Weaver Boise State. This was another move that continued the strategy of building in the trenches and this kid is the all-time Mountain West Conference sack leader and will continue to fortify Miami’s defensive pressure for years to come.

Grade A+

Miami now moves to the 6th round and here was the second head-scratcher as with the 185th pick in the 6th round Miami selects Blake Ferguson LS LSU. I am sure they have their reasons for this pick but they also passed up on some quality positions that they could have still addressed G/S/WR/DT were better options IMO.

Grade C

Moving now to the 7th round where Miami had 2 picks remaining in the 2020 NFL draft picks 246 & 251 and with pick # 246 Miami selects Malcolm Perry WR Navy. I liked this pick because I did want Miami to take a flier on a late round WR especially considering how deep the position was this year. 

Grade B+

Miami traded their final pick, they sent pick #251 to the Seattle Seahawks for a sixth-round selection in 2021 which gives them 9 picks in the 2021 NFL draft.

Grade A

Day 3 was by far their best Day as GM Chris Grier and HC Brian Flores had a plan and worked it to perfection, I was slow to recognize their plan but once I caught on I was able to see what they were doing and I loved both the strategy and effort. It was all about what I call the Meat & Potatoes building the foundation of the team focusing on the trenches on both sides of the ball and when you add what they did in free agency there is going to be some serious competition whenever training camp begins.

My FINAL GRADE ends up being a B+ but I also when I add the strategy in  my grade it pushes my grade to an A

Final Grade A


Nobody truly knows what these young men drafted will eventually become, some will fail and some will thrive under Brian Flores and trust me the Masters of Hindsight are waiting to questions the decisions made as they will soon start to compare the draft picks to the players Miami traded away (Tunsil & Fitzpatrick) just give it time.

I hope for the best as these young men who have reached their goal to make it to the NFL reach further and make it in the NFL and become the future stars the fans can embrace.

Fins Up!


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