Slow Your Roll Dolphins Fans


This team has been snake-bitten for well over two decades and as giddy as many of you are I will be that balance (Debbie Downer) that many of you seem to have lost! Before any of you “Anoint” our latest QB Prospect as a “Franchise QB” can we at least see him play a full season or two in the NFL?

Let me remind you that it’s still less than a 50% chance he will succeed on the next level where he will not be on one of the best teams in the country that has traditionally had some of the best talent in the college, proven by the fact that 3 of his fellow college teammates were also drafted day one in the 2020 NFL draft.  Only LSU had more players selected in the first round yesterday. Tua is in the NFL now and he will play week in and week out against professionals where just about everybody he will face are far superior than the competition he faced in college.

His injury history is still a legitimate concern and his serious hip injury even more of a concern because he has not taken another hit since and it will be tested once he starts to play.

This is truly a high risk pick and it is understandable that Miami took a chance. Having 3 picks in round one also helped as hopefully out of the 3 picks the Dolphins hit a home run. (Even Though I did not like the other two selections)

A day after the pick all over the Twitter World you see video’s of the fans so excited about the pick and folks talking with an assured opinion that the Dolphins drafted their franchise QB.

Let’s slow down and let this kid develop, it might not be until a year from now before he even  sniffs the field and by then the 2021 NFL draft will be upon us and the QB fever will once again be at a high pitch as the top QB’s of the 2021 class will be ready to come into the NFL.

Then maybe those of you blinded by such assurances that Miami have drafted their franchise QB will see how the QB position in the draft is overrated and by then some of the players the Dolphins bypassed tripping over themselves drafting Tua Tagovailoa will have shown to be a player Miami should have taken at #5 instead. Maybe by then Josh Rosen will have landed on a team and lead them to the playoffs much like Ryan Tannehill did and at the same time we are still waiting to see the Anointed One play a single down.

Fins Up!



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