Should Miami Trade Josah Rosen?

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Once again as the odd man out Josh Rosen’s future in Miami might be short-lived after the Dolphins used their #5 pick of the 2020 draft to select  Alabama’s QB Tua Tagovailoa, Just like a year ago Josh Rosen finds himself the odd man out as there is no way he will get an opportunity to be the starting QB for Miami. Even tough Miami do not have to trade Josh Rosen and if they can’t get a fair offer they should not trade him because his cost is cheaper than most back up QB’s in the NFL.

But for Rosen to get a true opportunity to start and in all fairness Miami needs to trade him. Who would be good suitors to trade for Josh Rosen? Three teams that come to mind are the Detroit Lions, New England Patriots and the New Orleans Saints, all three teams are stable teams that Josh Rosen can come in and carry the clipboard as he develops behind the projected starters, if you take into account it is usually a rule to not trade within the division and between the Lions and Saints it would appear sitting behind a retiring Drew Brees would be a perfect place to land for Josh Rosen.

The other possibility is that Miami will sit Tua Tagovailoa this upcoming season (if we have one) and Josh will get a chance to compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job in 2020 and at the very least will be a backup and safety net should Fitz get injured.

Josh Rosen is once again in the wrong place at the wrong time and I do not see him dawning a Dolphin uniform to much longer.

There are two ways Rosen can handle his situation, use this as fuel to motivate him and make that chip on his shoulder even bigger or let this ruin his career as it would quite a few people to have gone through what this kid has gone through in his young career.

I hope he finds motivation and continue to handle himself with grace and take advantage of his next opportunity wherever that may be!

I wish him well.

Fins UP!




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