No Fair Chance For Rosen In Miami After All!

Saints should trade for Josh Rosen after Dolphins pick Tua Tagovailoa

All the hoping and wishing that the Dolphins would give Josh Rosen a fair chance came to an end last night as Miami drafted QB Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick of the 2020 NFL draft. That shuts the door on any chance that Josh Rosen will get his fair chance in Miami as they most likely are trying overnight to find a trading partner for Josh Rosen.

Instead of taking a OT or a top Defensive player with the 5th pick the Dolphins pleased the majority of their fan base by selecting the most risky player atop the draft board. So now the “What If” games will begin and there are quite a few of them to consider.

  • What if Tua can not play in 2020 like they claim he can?
  • What if he gets injured again?
  • What if his injury is the same hip they claim is miraculously healed in 3 months?
  • What if when they eventually DUMP Josh Rosen he becomes a Franchise QB for some other team while the Dolphins who has a HISTORY of bad luck when it comes to the QB position since Dan Marino retired struggles with Tua?
  • What If the Dolphins are right? (I truly pray they are!)

Lets consider each one, one at a time.

What if Tua can not play in 2020

If he can not play in 2020 or if the Dolphins just put him on I/R for the season than hopefully Ryan Fitzpatrick can carry this team again in 2020 and if for some reason Josh Rosen is retained I am sure the Dolphins will do all they can to prop him up to increase his trade value but there is NO WAY JOSH ROSEN WILL BE ALLOWED TO EARN THE STARTING JOB IN MIAMI!

The Dolphins have made their choice and it will be Tua Tagovailoa as the face of the franchise moving forward. I had made up my mind that if Miami did take a QB with the top pick in this draft that I will have to write about who will the Dolphins trade Rosen to?

I did have New England as an option because he spent last year learning their system and the Patriots need to add another young QB to their roster, the funny thing is the same Dolphins fans who have given up on Josh Rosen way to early still hate the idea of him being traded to New England, if he stinks or sucks like so many have implied than I would think you would want him to be sent to New England.

Oh, that’s right! He’s not good enough for the Dolphins but might be dangerous in the hands of Belichick? What’s that saying about you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

I will fall in line and turn my attention to our new QB and will root and cheer him on because I am a Dol-Fan first and what is best for the team is truly my hearts desire. It’s just my heart is a little wounded right now because I tend to latch on to players especially QB’s we have on our roster and won’t let go because I want them to succeed.

This is not about pride or ego because I only want what is best for our team and for some reason I thought that they had a heart and would at least give Rosen the support and help that any QB will need to succeed in the NFL and the putrid offensive line that had even our veteran QB Ryan Fitzpatrick being tossed around due to their poor protection last season can not be justified in trying to evaluate a young QB and if they don’t correct the O-Line how long will Tua last?

I hope Josh Rosen gets a chance to land  on a team that is established, because I feel there will be another case of sellers remorse like what just happened with Ryan Tannehill in 2019.

Fins Up!




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