The Most Anticipated Draft In NFL History

Dolphins Draft 2020 – Running Backs Under Consideration – CBS Miami


Maybe it’s because Miami have 14 draft picks (6 of the top 70 picks) in the 2020 NFL draft that will be held today or maybe because of the worldwide condition we find ourselves in with this Covid-19 pandemic, or both, but today’s draft has been the most talked about, over-analyzed and mocked too damn much, as everybody most likely due to “Cabin Fever” has jumped into the mocking game!

After every possible scenario has been considered and some of the most stupid suggestions, we will finally have our answers in a few hours from now!

Being cooped up and reading just about everybody’s mock drafts, opinions and speculations, I can’t wait for this day to be over! Of course some fans will love the decisions made today by the Dolphins management and some fans will be either disappointed or entirely upset  by the moves Miami will make today.

I personally trust GM Chris Grier implicitly, because of his wisdom and experience (20 years with Miami) as well as how he has surrounded himself with some of the most talented people at their respective positions. (See The Men Behind The Dolphins Rebuild)

  • Marvin Allen Assistant General Manager
  • Reggie McKenzie Senior Personnel Executive 
  • Brian Flores Head Coach

Those names are the ones who are backing up GM Chris Grier along with a host of other personnel people including local and National Scouts and all of their hard work will finally come to fruition as the draft begins just hours from now.

  This is Our Time

After enduring the 2019 purge and a 5-11 season, even though it was more wins than expected, it’s now the Dolphins fans time to take pride in the team, as Miami will be a major player in the 2020 NFL draft.

Next to the Super Bowl this is one of the biggest events that the NFL undertakes as it has surpassed the diluted “Pro Bowl” as a must see NFL event. The NFL is America’s biggest and most watched event, it’s more popular than any other professional event in America.

With a sports starved audience and the attention of everybody, in just a few short hours we will  finally get the answers we all have been waiting for, “What Will Miami Do”?

Inquiring minds want to know!

So with “Social Distancing” the mandate will you still have a draft party? I was the king of draft parties back in the day but having moved to Florida 7 years ago away from my family I will just huddle up in my “Man Cave” and maybe order a pizza and just sit back and enjoy the process!

Make sure you stop back and read my evaluations on each draft pick made and like dozens of others I will give my draft grades even though they truly are pointless until 2-3 years down the road as these young men get acclimated to the NFL. Some will “Bite” right away and others just takes time to develop and more importantly than anything is how the coaching will affect the young men drafted because it is “Extremely Important” in the early development of these young men.

That balance between the GM and Head Coach being on the same page and working in harmony is something that has eluded Miami over the years as past infighting, back stabbing, taking sides against each other is the MAIN reason this team has been through the Dark Ages this past two decades.

The Dolphins seem to finally have there house in order and just in time as they can build the next potential Dynasty and so far so good in the direction this team has been going since the end of 2018.

I can’t wait and just hours to go!

Enjoy your draft experience Dolfans  and be safe!


#Fins Up!



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