Why Standing Pat Is Miami’s Best Option

Dolphins Draft 2020 – Running Backs Under Consideration – CBS Miami

Just one day away from ending all this speculation, thank God! I am sick of all the posturing. We have the same cast of characters acting like they have inside information, let me tell you THEY DON’T!

One local reporter who started the LIE last season that was picked up nationally that the Dolphins were deliberately tanking still makes the assertion that they were tanking despite the results last year that proved they were not. I have no respect for that Miami Herald reporter.

Those are the same folks that keep putting out the false narrative that they traded away Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick and acquired  all the picks they have to draft Tua or to package them all to trade up for Joe Burrow. All with one intent, to stir up the Tua or Bust fans that no matter what if the Dolphins pass up on Tua Tagovailoa especially if he is there at 5 that the Dolphins management will get a huge backlash. The sad part is that they actually want you to pay for such information.

I can tell you for a FACT! I know just as much as Armando and I know nothing at all! This has been the most stressful draft I can ever recall as so much is on the line. I have stated my opinion on what I want Miami to do. Not trade up, trade down if they can, keep every pick and take the best player available on their board.

The Dolphins are in a excellent position a #5, yes I would have preferred they had the top pick and if they did it would be an argument over Burrow or Young! But they still at 5 will get the 5th best rated player in the draft. Is it a QB? Or is it Chase Young, Isaiah Simmons, Jeff Okudah, Jedrick Wills Jr, Andrew Thomas, Derrick Brown, Tristan Wirfs, all of whom rank higher on my top 50 players than ANY QB in the draft!

So having the 5th pick though not the most ideal position as there are 4 more teams in better position but there are also 27 teams that would love to be picking 5th. So don’t let the media and overzealous QB obsessed fans fool you into thinking the Dolphins MUST take a QB at number 5. I have written articles with factual statistics that shows it’s less than a 50% chance when drafting a QB high in the draft (like first overall) that they succeed on the next level.

What it all comes down to is tomorrow Miami will draft players that they feel will help this team down the road into becoming a contender and if you are a true die hard fan you need to trust both the process and the one person who put Miami into this excellent position and his staff.

Will all of their picks pan out? Most likely not, what they need to do is hit on a few of them, especially the top picks and that is why trading any of their top picks lessons the chance of hitting, especially gambling on a historically less than 50% success rate at the QB position.

Fins Up!






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