Why We Can Trust Chris Grier!

NFL Draft: Dolphins GM Chris Grier on Tua vs. Herbert debate

If there is one team that seems to be trending upward it is the Miami Dolphins, they are just about always listed as a team of interest in just about every trade, if a team is looking to trade a player, a pick, make a deal the Miami Dolphins seem to be one of the teams involved.

Much credit must go to our current GM Chris Grier who has turned this team around in just about a year, after being finally handed the full responsibilities of Miami’s GM. If you look at his title he has been our GM since 2016, the truth is he was finally given full authority to make the decisions for Miami after owner Stephen Ross relieved former V.P of operations Mike Tannenbaum of his duties.

Many will make the claim that Chris Grier was part of the problems the Dolphins have faced since he’s been with Miami the past 20 years but is it truly fair to blame Grier if he never really had the final say despite having the title as Miami’s GM?

The Job of a GM includes:

  • Building the personnel department staff
  • Dealing with trades
  • Recruiting new talent, (Free Agency)
  • Coordinating the efforts of the scouting department
  • Building the team’s roster in accordance to the NFL’s salary cap.
  • He manages all Contracts
  • Drafting Players. he has the final say (minus a meddling owner)

The GM in the right structure should be the one to do the most important thing in his career, hire the Head Coach.

Most Important Decision To Date 

Last year after the Miami Dolphins parted ways with not only V.P of operations Mike Tannenbaum but former head coach Adam Gase too, it left the Dolphins with a very critical position to fill and it was the responsibility of GM Chris Grier to identify the next Head Coach of the Miami Dolphins.

That was the first time I can recall that Miami finally put the cart before the horse and the GM was allowed to find the Next head coach. Chris Grier hired New England Patriots de facto Defensive Coordinator Brian Flores, just fresh off the Patriots SB win in 2019.

I had never heard of Brian Flores prior to his name being mentioned as the person of interest during the 2018-2019 playoff season. I had my doubts as I was not interested in another what I called Head Coach getting On The Job Training as I wanted a experienced HC for the job.

I was wrong as Brian Flores has been so far the right man for the job. He has made believers not only of me but countless of fans, the players and even free agents who were attracted to Miami because of him. He refused to give up and accomplished more than some expected and in some cases wanted (Guilty) in winning 5 games last season.

Chris Grier also lead the great purge of 2019 as he cleaned house and made a series of moves along with his head coach of trading, cutting and moving on from former players to clear the cap space and acquire the 14 draft picks they will use this Thursday.

Why We Can Trust Chris Grier

He deserves much of the praise but he also have a great owner and supporting management staff that contributed towards this turnaround but let’s look at the responsibilities again and I will put a great on each one based off of Chris Grier’s performance to date.

  • Hire Head Coach A+ (so far)
  • Building the personnel department staff A
  • Dealing with trades A+
  • Recruiting new talent, (Free Agency) A
  • Coordinating the efforts of the scouting department A
  • Building the team’s roster in accordance to the NFL’s salary cap. A+
  • Manages all Contracts A+
  • Drafting Players (Incomplete) ask me after Saturday

There is no denying that ever since he was given Total Control GM Chris Grier has been just about flawless in his duties and I suspect it will continue  for years to come! So for those of you questioning if he is the right one for the job I say look at his track record and that should answer your question.

Fins Up!


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