No Matter What I’m A Dol-Fan 4 Life!


Yes, I’m a Dolphin Fan for life, after over 48 years or rooting for this team there is nothing anybody can do to change what I am. The only way I will punch in my Dolphins card is when my time is up! (Unless I find myself in some Reincarnation Situation) If somewhere in the future you see an ant with a Dolphin helmet on give me a break! 😉

Nothing divides fans more than the NFL Draft where we bicker, argue and discuss ad nauseam what we think, want and hope Miami will do. It’s because we are all passionate about our team and like a family we will have our disagreements but at he end of the day we end up bleeding aqua and orange.

The NFL draft is just two days from now and we will finally see what Miami will do. Will they draft a QB? QB Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert  or will they take who I want,  Isaiah Simmons? Or how about a Top Offensive lineman? Or what about another player on my radar DT Derrick Brown? Will they trade up or trade down? Can they go through the draft this year and not draft a QB?

The possibilities are endless and the speculation is almost over as well as the millions of mock drafts, video and others. Then the BIG LET DOWN, the second guessing , the anger, joy and frustration will overwhelm many of you, including myself! Eventually when reality settles in we will accept the decisions that Miami make and began to root for the young men we draft this weekend.

So try not to overreact because even after these young men are drafted (whoever we draft) it will take (in most cases) at least a year or two to tell if Miami got it right. Remember Dolphins management want what we all want, to hit it big in this draft so trust the process!

I used to have the best Draft parties years ago, but now, especially with the condition we find the world in I will get my popcorn ready and maybe some tissue for my eyes if we draft Tua…(On last shot)

This will be a special event as this will be the most important draft in Miami Dolphins history as they continue the rebuild by adding young talent to this roster that will hopefully be future ring of Honor and possible Hall of Fame players when it’s all said and done.

What will make this draft even more special is to finally have some semblance of normalcy  as this will be a live sporting event that will most likely draw a record breaking T.V audience.

It is my hope that all of our readers find themselves safe, healthy and ready to cheer on our Dolphins as we usher in a new era of players with the potential to turn what was once a proud franchise fortunes around.

Enjoy the Draft wherever you are!

Fins Up!

#Miami Dolphins

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