My 2020 NFL Mock Draft First Round (No Trades)

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(I used a draft simulator to put this first round mock draft together)

***Click on their names to get a complete draft profile***


Joseph Burrow

Despite all the chatter, the Bengals would be fools to trade out of the Number 1 spot and they are no fools, so I can say with just about 100% surety that Joe Burrow will be a Bengal in less than 3 days from now.

  • 2
Chase Young


In what many (including myself) consider to be the best player in the entire draft Washington can’t wait to get their hands on this potential game changer on the next level so ignore any trade rumors  as they too would be fools to pass up on this once in a generation player


Jeffrey Okudah

With the total package and at a premium position in the NFL the Lions take the top rated  CB in the 2020 NFL draft even though I can see them also taking LB Isaiah Simmons as they can not go wrong either way. There are rumors that they are shopping this pick and have drawn some interest from some teams but since this is a no trade draft  I will stick with them at #3


Isaiah Simmons

In what is my favorite player in this draft the Giants take this Swiss Army knife and improves their defense at least this is what my draft simulator chose as their pick, rumors have the Giants looking to trade back and with so many options even if they stay at #4 as they could use help along their offensive line and could choose to go with what is historically the most successful pick with one of the top Linemen in the draft. They also take anyone of the players listed above (Young or Okudah) should they slide to #4


Tua Tagovailoa

This is what many are speculating the Dolphins will do as he is considered one of the best if not the best QB coming out of the 2020 draft and the simulator agrees as this is the pick it chose for Miami. As a die hard Dolphins fan I am not on board the Tua Train because his hip injury concerns me as does his injury history overall. I have Miami taking Simmons ( if he is there) with the first pick  in my 2020 7 Round Miami Dolphins Mock Draft that is just 3 days away.


In what I consider to be the biggest reach in the 2020 NFL draft the Chargers take Justin Herbert, who I rank 35th in my Top 50 2020 College Prospects as I feel QB’s are the biggest but and are always rated much higher than they should be. If I were a Chargers fan getting Cam Newton would be my desire and drafting the BPA at # 5 and not reaching for Herbert.



Derrick Brown

Being likened to Ndamukong Suh is all you need to know about this massive, strong, dominating player who truly was a man among boys on the college level. He will make any DC happy to have him blowing up offensive lines week in and week out!


Tristan Wirfs

Many consider him the best O-Lineman in the 2020 draft I will just label him 1A, B, C or D as you almost can’t go wrong taking an offensive lineman early in the draft and that is history talking! The Cardinals are on the rise!


  • CJ Henderson

With the Jags being all in on Gardner Minshew at QB, as RBLeonard Fournette must realize by now, they look to get Minshew help on the other side of the ball as a CB can help get the ball back in the offense hands as I noted this is the pick the simulator chose as I would be looking to get Minshew help on the offensive side of the ball and take the best Lineman  on the board.


  • 10 

Mekhi Becton

This is another one of my 1A, B, C or D Linemen and if you need help along the Offensive Line then he is another one of those safe can’t miss players GM are looking for. They may not always be the sexy pick but when you realize the impact a player like this will have on the team, QB Baker Mayfield in particular will be very happy to have this massive lineman protecting him on the line. There was an issue with his drug test at the combine that could make him fall.


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