Thinking Outside The Box!

Healthy and productive DeVante Parker providing best stretch of ...

(Should Miami Trade DeVante Parker?)

I know many of you will at first glance say no way, especially after the great year Parker had last season, We have waited for 4 years for DeVante to live up to his potential and for his first 3 seasons I am sure I am not the only one to use the term BUST when talking about Parker and I know I was not the only one who was totally surprised to see Miami pick up Parker’s 5 year option last April.

Like many of you, I was totally happy not only for myself but for Parker that he had a breakout season last year, but as we all know the NFL is a business and like all businesses you must do what is in the best interest of your business and take advantage of whatever will make your business better.

How is trading Parker making Miami better?

The bad news about Parker is it took 4 years before he finally delivered and he is now 27 years old and Miami is in year two of the rebuild and this year is all about stocking the team with players for the future. That means that realistically the Dolphins still should not be concerned about winning (Excluding Coach Flores) and more concerned with adding more young talent and how the team will look in 2-3 years.

DeVante Parker will be 29-30 years old by the time the Dolphins should be looking to be a perennial contender. He will be the older veteran WR on the team by then.

When is it the best time to trade a player, when they are on the downside of their career or when they are at their peak? Nobody can argue that DeVante has great trade value and if Miami ever wanted to get the most out of trading him, now is the time!

Why am I even thinking about trading Parker?

The NFL draft is just days away and the one position that is loaded in the draft is the WR position and at first I was thinking that is a position the Dolphins are loaded at so they can bypass drafting a WR especially in the early rounds of the draft… if at all.

Thinking outside the box (Crazy Talk?) I’m thinking to myself if the Dolphins trade Parker now they might could get a late first or second round pick for him, especially if they trade him to a veteran team that is looking for a number 1 WR. If Miami can trade him then they could draft one of these young WR’s early in the draft and that kid can become Miami’s WR of the future.

As we all know the NFL is a business and to me that would be a prudent business move to make with the future in mind.

This is just my crazy talk, thinking outside the box!

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