Chris Grier’s Draft Strategy Suggest He’ll Stand Pat!

It's biggest draft in Dolphins history, and all eyes are on GM ...

As many speculate what Miami will do and quite a few mock drafts having Miami using their top pick #5 on a QB (Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert) many of them even suggesting in order to even get one of the top QB’s the Dolphins will have to trade up and surrender some of their draft capital in particular one of their 3 first round picks or at the very least a first and second round selection (Miami have 2 second round picks this year also) to assure getting one of these young QB’s.

I even talked about one local Miami Dolphins sports writer who is willing to give up all of Miami’s first round picks and add a second rounder and more if needed to trade up with the Bengals to get QB Joe Burrow who is the number 1 Ranked QB and in many cases the number 1 ranked player coming out of college. (He is ranked 10th in my top 50 College prospects)

I am 100% opposed to Miami trading up and giving up one single top 70 pick this year or even any of our top 70 picks next year because the Dolphins have a chance with any one of our picks to hit it big so what one could it be? (The 5th, 18th. 26th…251st pick?) you just don’t know who will be the next ring of honor player we take with any of our picks so why give even one up?

This is by far the most important draft in Miami Dolphins history and considering the times we are currently living in, where the sports world is shut down due to COVID-19 it will be the most watched live event this year possibly.

So what will Miami do? What Should they do? and is there some way to tell what they will do is what everybody want to know and that’s not just us Dol-Fans or the local sports writers but the entire NFL, because GM Chris Grier has positioned the Dolphins to be not only the talk of the upcoming draft but the major player in the 2020 draft, given all the draft capital and resources the Dolphins posses.

It’s anybody’s guess as to what the Miami will actually do and trust me there are plenty of guesses being thrown out there!

So I thought I’d look back at how GM Chris Grier likes to approach the draft and his preferred style of drafting to get a clue on what he MIGHT do and of course I have my own bias on the matter so take my thoughts on the matter with a grain of salt!

I in times past was at odds with the draft strategy of Miami’s GM Chris Grier which is to take the Best Player Available (BPA) every time, they use free agency to try and plug as many holes as they can giving them the freedom to draft the way Grier likes. Unfortunately the team almost never seem to plug all the holes during the free agency period and so it is almost always that they enter the draft with specific needs on either side of the ball.

My issues goes back to the 2016 NFL draft when Miami drafted Rutgers WR Leonte Carroo when IMO not only didn’t the Dolphins at the time need a WR because we had great depth at that position in 2016, we had Jarvis Landry (I Miss Him), Kenny Stills and DeVante Parker on the roster at that time. I saw no need to draft a WR that early in the draft and it was what they did to get Carroo that I had major issues with.

The Miami Dolphins in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft traded their 2016 sixth round pick (186th overall), their 2017 third round pick, and their 2017 fourth round pick in order to trade up to 86th overall pick to draft WR Leonte Carroo.

If many of you have no clue who WR Leonte Carroo is/was it is because he was a BUST!

This is no intent to bash GM Chris Grier on missing on that pick but it was his draft strategy that I had issues with because taking the BPA is not the way to draft if you have only what you perceive to be a few holes to plug and at that time the Dolphins were still hanging onto their flawed belief that they were only a few players away.

Having decided to finally rebuild from scratch Chris Grier’s draft strategy is perfect for what the Dolphins need in 2020. Taking the BPA is the way to go in the rebuild and that is why I see QB at #5 as a reach as there are far more valuable players to be taken at #5 and I’m including Joe Burrow in my argument that the QB’s are not the BPA in the top 10 of the draft (See My Top 50)

Having a top 5 pick and taking the BPA can get this team a future hall of fame player as long as they do not reach!

I look forward to the upcoming draft because I feel the strategy of GM Chris Grier is perfect for what the teams needs to do this year and with so many picks to choose with I sure hope he hits early and often!

Fins Up!


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