Getting The QB Position Right For Miami!

NFL Rumors: Panthers Tried To Work Out Cam Newton Trades With ...


It’s as plain as the nose on your face! There are no doubts it! I am 100% sure about it and the only thing I am not sure of is if the Dolphins agree with me. When you look at the QB landscape of 2020 and who’s available one stands out like a sore thumb! I’ll take PROVEN over unproven every time!

If GM Chris Grier is truly serious about turning the Dolphins fate around there is one QB than can do exactly that for Miami.

Cam Newton!

As much as I am hoping that Josh Rosen gets a fair shot with the Dolphins  and as much as I love FitzMagic if I was serious about winning it would be true negligence to not explore the addition of Cam Newton to Miami’s roster!

Sorry Fitz I will pay you for a wonderful job done in 2019 but we will be moving on because we have an opportunity to upgrade the position with a QB who has a very impressive résumé.

Career highlights and awards

I have no clue what any team is waiting for! His medicals? Really? I would sign him and give him all the medical attention he needs to get healthy so he can be our QB for the immediate future! Then draft Jordan Love to back him up!

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a top shelf QB who was foolishly put on the market for Teddy Bridgewater!?

What is scary, is the thought that the Patriots might get their hands on Newton and an unthinkable marriage between the G.O.A.T Bill Belichick and Cam Newton can actually happen and worse yet work! That thought alone is worth taking such a dangerous weapon off the market!

The latest rumors have the Jaguars’ Leonard Fournette suggesting their team picks up Cam Newton and if Miami is not interested please someone other than New England get this guy off the market ASAP!

Ideally if Miami is not interested, than I hope that he lands with a NFC team and is completely out of the AFC altogether because whoever he lands with will get a top 10 QB with a chip on his shoulders!

This is the one time I truly wish I were Miami’s GM because I would snatch this guy up so quick and be willing to take whatever criticism that would come with the move because I know for sure in the end people would be praising me for making the move!

So if any of my readers are connected to the Dolphins GM in any way can you please tell him this is my official appeal that they  go get Cam Newton they will not regret it!


Fins UP!

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