Avoid Giving Away Our Valuable Draft Picks!

Tom Flores, Zach Thomas are Hall of Fame semifinalists for first ...

They are pouring it on heavy as reports are starting to leak that the Lions and Giants who pick ahead of Miami are looking to trade down and for some team looking to get one of the top QB’s as some are taking a huge rise up the draft board if you want to believe the smokescreen as many of their own camps by means of agents and the puppet main stream sports analyst/reporters do their biding by constantly putting out their narrative.

It’s a proven strategy that works as some GM’s will panic and do whatever they can to mortgage the teams future on  what I have proven to be a less than 50/50 proposition!

Most of it is aimed at Miami’s GM Chris Grier as he has loaded the Dolphins coffers with an amount of picks the Dolphins have rarely ever had in the teams history and having 5 in the top 70 is something I can safely say they have never had.

The last time we had a smart enough GM to understand the concept of building through the draft and was able to get quite a few extra picks was Jimmy Johnson who in just three short years of drafting for Miami Dolphins (1996–1999)

In 1996 Jimmy had 12 draft picks and of those 12 he selected with his 2nd pick of round 5 Zach Thomas and he was the second pick of the two Miami had in the 5th round.

In 1997 Jimmy had 14 draft picks and of those 14 he selected hall of fame player Jason Taylor, Dolphin Great Sam Madison,

In 1998 his final year drafting for Miami Jimmy had 10 draft picks and added another Dolphin GREAT and part of the best tandem in Miami’s backfield  history Patrick Surtain.

There were a host of other players that played a role in Miami’s success but those four (Zach Thomas, Jason Taylor, Sam Madison, & Patrick Surtain) are all Dolphin Hall of Honor members and at least one more should join Jason Taylor in the Hall of Fame!

If you add up the picks from 1996-1999 Jimmy Johnson had acquired 36 draft picks! Out of those 36 picks only 4 are names some of you can even recall, who really care about the other 32 picks when in just 3 short years of drafting Jimmy added players we will remember for our lifetime.

That is why people saying Miami don’t need all 14 of their draft picks in 2020 are full of it! The more the better as you will eventually hit on a few and at the end of the day that is what we will remember. But if for some foolish reason GM Chris Grier gives up his picks to trade up and take a QB and should that backfire you will hear the same fickle fans calling for Chris Grier to be fired.

A couple of hits can easily erase the fact that you missed on the other picks but to take a risk and trade away picks for one of these top QB’s and even after just one season if the fan base and the treacherous media (who will stoke the flames) do not see some sense of progress they will turn on the Dolphins GM and as the saying goes “The pen is mightier than the sword”!

The Dolphins will be pestered about when they will give the young rookie QB a chance to start and if the Dolphins give in to the pressure and prematurely start that rookie and it backfires than the gloves will come off!

If you think I am exaggerating just think about what happened with Josh Rosen last year!

Miami should hang on  to every pick and acquire more if they can, as most of you know if I were the GM I would not draft a QB this year and would sign Cam Newton and either keep Rosen as the backup and increase his trade value and trade him next year or keep him because he is a steal and a bargain.

Miami could be missing out on the next Zach Thomas giving away draft picks!

Fins Up!

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