What’s To Become Of Albert Wilson?

Dolphins receiver Albert Wilson sidelined by hamstring injury ...

Albert Wilson’s contract is one of the last low-hanging fruits that need to be settled. He joined the Dolphins on March 13th, 2018 and signed a three-year, $24 million dollar contract that included $14.45 million guaranteed

Obviously the Dolphins expected Wilson to be one of our top WR’s but two years later Albert Wilson has been beset by injuries and the one ability he has failed to produce is availability! He is owed $10,833,334 in 2020 and has a cap hit of $1,333,334 his signing bonus is all he is due, so out of the $10,833,334 owed Miami is only obligated to pay his signing bonus of $1,333,334 if they were to cut him saving $9,475,000!

I am just about 100% sure something is going to happen as Wilson has not live up to his contract to date and with the draft loaded with WR’s (one of the deepest positions this year) Miami can get a younger and cheaper WR to groom for the role Wilson plays on the team.

Wilson when he was healthy and before his hip injuries was a legitimate threat as his speed is just about unmatched in the league I still remember that TD run when he and Jakeem Grant sprinted side by side on the famous “Hi-5” play vs the Raiders in 2018.

Unfortunately there just hasn’t been enough of those plays to justify paying Wilson 10 million dollars this year especially  considering he’ll be  a UFA next season.

So what should the Dolphins do? They have four options: Cut Him, Trade Him, Pay Him or redo his contract giving him an extension. I like Albert Wilson and would have no problem with the Dolphins redoing his contract and giving him playing incentives in the new deal.

Albert Wilson is the kind of veteran presence this team needs in the locker room he has been excellent with off the field work in the community and he is still a serious threat when healthy and he is only 28 years old.

The draft that’s coming up a week from now will most likely give us an idea of his fate especially if Miami draft a WR in the top 5 rounds. No matter what I do expect some change in his 2020 contract and hopefully Miami can find a way to keep such a special man.


Fins Up!

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