Miami Can Trade Down!


I have laid the foundation over the past few months why Miami do not need to draft a QB this year. I fully believe they should focus solely on team building concentrating on the Offensive Line, Defensive Players and RB’s to continue to add to a very good free agency part 1. There are so many on the other side of the coin who wants Miami to draft one of the three QB’s rated high in the 2020 NFL draft.

The reality is there are no QB’s in the upcoming draft that are a significant upgrade over Josh Rosen (Take MY QB Test) and to trade up or reach for a QB at 5 is just throwing away a pick IMHO!

That is why in my final mock draft I have Miami taking a quality defensive player who could send our defense over the top, that is still my preferred option that Miami stay at 5 and pick TBPA. There is another option  many people are not even considering because of the obsession of the QB position, despite my showing legitimate data that less than 50% of QB’s drafted in round one succeeds.

If other teams trade up to take one of these overrated QB’s it will push some far more  talented players down the board. These players could be coveted by teams in the middle of the draft who will want to trade up and get their guy.

According to the latest rumors (Take them with a grain of salt) the Atlanta Falcons might want to trade up and snag a player in the top of the draft. A player like CB Jeffrey Okudah could slide to 5 and it being not a position of need for Miami this year and the Dolphins not looking at drafting a QB, I can see Miami trading down and getting more picks.

I truly believe Miami is best served to look to 2021 QB class to target that position and use every pick they have to build up the roster around the QB position and give Josh Rosen  a chance to prove himself.

What teams might want to trade up? I can think of two teams that might want to move up. The Atlanta Falcons and the Las Vegas Raiders just might want to get to the 5th spot and maybe even Dallas to snag a player like Jeffrey Okudah 

All I know is the Draft cant come soon enough as the anticipation is off the roof and all the rumors can stress me out as I am cooped up in the house bouncing off the walls and have taken my writing to a new level thanks to GM Chris Grier creating one of the most exciting off seasons in Miami Dolphins History!

Fins Up!


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