Is Justin Herbert Worth The #5 Pick?

Oregon QB Justin Herbert - Pypeline

After more than a year of people marrying the Dolphins to Tua Tagovailoa and some claiming that Miami was flirting with the idea of them trading picks to move up for Joe Borrow, NFL draft GURU and Godfather of the draft Mel Kiper now have adjusted his  4.0 mock draft to Miami taking QB Justin Herbert with the #5th pick of the 2020 NFL draft. Really?

The only people consistently wrong in life and keep their jobs more than Mel Kiper are the weather forecasters! This pick would truly piss me off because it is a reach at #5 and there is no way anybody can convince me that Justin Herbert is better that Josh Rosen who is at least is two years ahead of any of the QB draft prospects coming out this year.

What is good about these far reaching projections is that the Dolphins brass has done an excellent job keeping their intentions close to the vest.

Even if Miami is enamored with Justin Herbert they could most likely get him at #18 or #26 and if some other team takes him off the board oh well it’s not like they would have lost something special. Herbert IMO is a project QB with a lot of work needed on the next level.

On my BIG BOARD I have Herbert at #30 on the list and I was being generous with that spot. CBS have him at 18 but they also have Miami trading just about all their picks to trade up for Joe Burrow! TDN have Herbert at #13, Daniel Jeremiah of have Herbert at #20,

I am not sure why Kiper would insult our intelligence with that projection. I can almost guarantee you that there is no way the Dolphins will use their 5th pick in the upcoming draft on Herbert!

You followers know I am not on board with Miami even drafting a QB with any of our top picks but I can at least say if they did draft Tua or Borrow at 5 if they are there I can somehow accept that decision if it were to happen, but to take Herbert with the 5th pick is just not on my radar!

I can not believe that GM Chris Grier and his quality support would have Herbert on their Big Board in the top 10 with players like:

there for the taking!

If that happens then this draft is in bad shape for Miami! There is no position that gets inflated during draft season more so than the QB position.

Thank God Mel Kiper is not our GM is all I can say with this latest mock he just put out! Unfortunately he is not alone in pushing Herbert up the draft board and landing in Miami’s lap at 5.

And to think ESPN actually wants you to pay to read this idiotic projection. Save your money, Kiper lost me at pick number 5 as what little credibility he had just went out the door!

Fins Up!

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