Why Isiah Simmons?

Carolina Panthers Draft: Isaiah Simmons in Round 1 would be a ...

Some have questions on where he fits in on the defense on the next level, can he hold up playing along the line? Can he cover top TE’s? Can he cover in the slot? The answer is yes he can and being that he is the perfect “Swiss Army Knife”  for any defense he especially fits the Dolphins perfectly.

Brian Flores made his name by moving up the ranks in new England and becoming their de facto defensive coordinator in their last super bowl win in 2018. It can be argued that the Patriots Defense won that game as they shut down the Rams offense holding them to just 3 points!

I believe that Brian Flores wants to turn the Dolphins defense into a championship defense and my argument is somewhat supported by Miami’s free agent moves to bolster the defense.They are still a few players away from being a potential top NFL defense.

There are 3 players ranked at the top of the NFL draft on the defensive side of the ball. I would be happy with any one of them, the top rated defensive player is DE Chase Young out of Ohio State who appears to be a day one star. He is out of the Dolphins reach as he is projected to go #2 overall unless the Bengals fool many and pass up on Joe Burrow or trade out for some team in love with Chase Young. I do not want Miami to trade up even for Young.

The 2nd player worth considering on the defensive side of the ball is DT Derrick Brown, of Auburn a huge man who could be a force on the next level along the Defensive line it would not be a reach to take him at 5 and he too could enhance the Dolphins defense and make it better, it would not be a sexy pick but a solid pick.

The 3rd player and my choice would be LB Isaiah Simmons out of Clemson who is a freak and provides the most versatility of any player coming out of the 2020 Draft. He has played just about every position while playing at Clemson and played them well. He fits what Brian Flores loves versatile players and if I can’t have Chase Young I don’t see that much of a down grade taking this special player

Miami’s coach Brian Flores is all about flexible players and envisioned former Dolphins Minkah Fitzpatrick  as his Swiss Army Knife on the defensive side of the ball but Fitzpatrick did not want the role and forced the Dolphins hand to trade him and Miami obliged by trading him to the Steelers in what I will say is a win/win trade as one of Miami’s 3 first round picks came from that trade.

Why the Dolphins are the perfect place for Isiah Simmons:

The Dolphins signed this off-season a player that would be an excellent mentor to Isiah Simmons in Kyle Van Noy who plays a similar role on the NFL level where he has been a utility defensive player who in fact said recently that he really don’t consider himself a LB but he is a defensive player who can play anywhere on the defense.

Adding another utility player to this defense would just drive offensive coordinators crazy when you line up both  Kyle Van Noy and Isaiah Simmons on defense as you can pick your poison.

That is why I am all in for the Dolphins to select Isaiah Simmons  with the #5 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. (Check Out My 2020 Mock Draft)

Fins Up!

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