Josh Rosen’s Future

Dolphins name Fitzpatrick starter over former Cardinals QB Josh Rosen

As we draw close to the 2020 NFL draft I can’t help but think about Josh Rosen  and what will become of him if Miami should do what many are projecting them to do, draft a QB in round one. Josh Rosen is aware that no matter where he goes he will have to compete for the most important position on any NFL team. It’s just he has gotten a really raw deal starting with being drafted by a team that dumped him after one year in the NFL where they drafted him 10th overall in the 2018 NFL draft.

The Cardinals fired their first year head coach and brought in a new coach who wanted QB Kyler Murry who he felt fit his system better so they bungled the handling of Rosen all the way up to the draft in 2019 where they did select Kyler Murry with their first pick of the first round in 2019.

Miami Dolphins GM Chris Grier did the right thing by trading for Rosen as he took advantage of fire sale of Rosen by the Cardinals and after sending the Saints the 48th and 116th overall picks for the 62nd and 202nd picks this year, plus a 2020 second-round pick, he then traded for Josh Rosen with the 62nd pick from the Saints. GREAT MOVE!

Last year I was of the opinion that the Dolphins should sit out Josh Rosen for the entire year and just let him watch Ryan Fitzpatrick play out the year, unless an injury to Fitzpatrick happened, Josh Rosen should have never started.

That is the one big mistake by Brian Flores who also bungled handling Josh Rosen because he started Rosen and proclaimed he would start the rest of the year only to bench him after starting him two games. It would have been better to have never started Rosen or let him complete the year after he was given the start. The Dolphins might have been drafting much higher this year.

That is the main reason many have no faith in Josh Rosen so instead of anticipating Rosen competing this year for the starting job many have prematurely given up on Rosen, already looking at just about any QB in the 2020 draft as some kind of upgrade. Josh Rosen on the other hand has conducted himself perfectly under the circumstances and has won my admiration and I am truly rooting for him!

Rosen has no control on what Miami will do, if they feel drafting a QB this year is in their best interest than they will do that. What Rosen does control is his own preparation for the upcoming season to be ready to compete with whoever is in his way of winning the starting job.

I personally feel the Dolphins need to show some loyalty to Rosen and let him once again just compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick in 2020 and target the QB position in 2021 if Rosen does not win the starting job for Miami.

Even if Miami should add another QB from the draft Josh Rosen should be safe and not traded unless someone offers a great deal. Rosen is very cost friendly and should be retained until they can bolster his trade value or he beat out any QB on the roster for the starting job. That is my hope!

Fins Up!

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