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Since it’s inception in 2012 The Dolphin Seer (TDS) has published 1,344 articles, with 5 in the hopper, a total of 51,717 hits and 114 regular followers who have signed up to get email notice of new articles (please sign up) 
The very first article written was on May 31st 2012 entitled As The Seer Sees It…Post Draft AFC East Assessment”
With worldwide visits from over 111 countries and a total of 43,449 hits
Top Ten Hits By Countries
  • United States 43,449 Hits
  • United Kingdom 4,022 Hits
  • Hong Kong SAR China 682 Hits
  • Canada 530 Hits
  • Bahamas 365 Hits
  • Germany 255 Hits
  • Mexico 254 Hits
  • Brazil 196 Hits
  • India 110 Hits
  • Australia 100 Hits
  1. About The Dolphin Seer
  2. The Miami Seahawks/Baltimore Colts
  3. Long Term vs. Short Term Thinking…
  4. Please Do Not Change the Miami Dolphins LOGO
  5. As The Seer Sees It….”My early vision of the 2012 Miami Dolphins”
  6. Miami Dolphins Stock Report: Time To Buy!
  7. Ochocinco In Miami?
  8. Joe Philbin…… THE COACH! (Revised)
  9. Garo Yepremian is Fighting for his Life
  10. What Can We Expect From Ryan Tannehill in 2013?
Thank You for your support!
Go Miami, Fins Up!!!
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