Taking The Defense To The Next Level


The Dolphins have a chance to do something special with their defense, they already initiated it with the free-agent moves that they made, they’ve added some quality depth and competitions to the defense but in order for them to take the defense to the next level the Dolphins need to utilize their top picks in this year’s draft to take Miami’s defense over the top.

I am on record and stand by my opinion that (Miami should not draft a quarterback this year) I see no logical reason for them to do so, none of the quarterbacks in this draft are significantly better than what they have on the roster in Josh Rosen, in fact Josh Rosen just might be ahead of all of them because he has at least two years in the NFL and have seen quite a few things, so his NFL learning curve and development is already ahead of any Quarterback in the 2020 draft.

Many of these internet trolls who want to act as if they know what the Dolphins are going to do, by claiming they have sources that say this or that, are just making things up. My pet-rock has more information than those trolls who claim some inside knowledge.

These same folks are just dismissing the fact that Josh Rosen is on the roster as if he is some lame duck afterthought! They insist the Dolphins should be drafting a quarterback in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft and do whatever it takes like trading away valuable draft picks for unproven college QB’s entering the NFL.

We’ll see what the final outcome will be in just a few weeks, even if the Dolphins do use a high draft pick to draft a quarterback I’m on record now telling you that it’s the wrong move for this Dolphins team but they need to keep developing Josh Rosen and do what I’m suggesting in this article build this defense into a fortress.

Other than offense tackles and RB’s, which I also think of the Dolphins should utilize some of their top picks for, the Dolphins need to continue to add strength to the defensive line, they could use another young stud DT, they could use more pass rushers, they can add more size to the linebacker unit, they could use a stud safety in fact they could use two safeties to grow together in the backfield along with our high priced very talented corner back duo.

Let’s take a look at what’s available for the Dolphins in the upcoming draft on the defensive side of the ball, because I honestly feel the Dolphins are real close to having one of the top defenses in the league and by adding some young studs in the 2020 draft that would be the smartest and wisest move that they can make.

1st Round Defensive Potential (No CB’s On The List)

Late 1st thru 2nd round picks

There are plenty of opportunities for the Dolphins to add QUALITY depth and talent to the defensive side of their roster in the upcoming draft and that would be the more prudent way to approach year two of the rebuild filling as many holes as possible.

As for those of you so obsessed with  drafting one of these overrated QB’s all I can say is you can be thankful that I am not the GM because you would be disappointed but also as usual come around to the picks that were made because you have no other option!

Fins Up!

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