3 Chances To Get It Right!


The Miami Dolphins are in year two of a total rebuild and the teams future will reflect the choices they make now, if you have 3 kicks at the can in round one in the state the Dolphins are in you take all three, the only way you do not is if you trade down and acquire more picks.

The last ten years of first round picks have been abysmal as far as the outcome for the Miami Dolphins, in fact only 3 remain on the team and of those 3 only none of them have proven a worthy first round pick, even DeVante Parker’s recent play does not negate the fact he was a major disappointment for most of his 5 year career and none of them will be a Hall of Fame player,  even though last year’s first round pick still have time to prove a worthy first round pick, his year one play was good but not even close to dominant as one would expect a first round pick to be.

Miami Dolphins  Last 10 first round picks

Imagine if the Dolphins had 3 first round picks each of the last 10 years would you not agree that there is almost no chance they would not hit on 30 chances to get it right because as the saying goes “even a blind squirrel will find a nut once in a while” so instead of relying on luck maybe the Dolphins can rely on probability this time by KEEPING ALL 3 FIRST ROUND PICKS THIS YEAR!

I thought about former Dolphins head coach Jimmy Johnson who was the best at drafting as he used the method of acquiring a lot of picks and than hitting on a few and those hits helped mitigate the fact that sometimes his first round selections were total flops. One perfect example is the 1997 NFL Draft where in the first round he chose the colossal WR flop Yatil Green in round one but also selected former Greats CB Sam Madison & Hall of Fame’r   Jayson Taylor in rounds 2 & 3 respectively.

What about the QB position? The position far to many Dolphins fans are overly obsessed with, how have the last 10 years of drafting that position panned out?

The last 10 QB’s drafted first in the NFL Draft

  • Kyler Murray
  • Baker Mayfield
  • Mitchell Trubisky
  • Jared Goff
  • Jameis Winston
  • Blake Bortles
  • EJ Manuel
  • Andrew Luck
  • Cam Newton
  • Sam Bradford

Once again you would be hard pressed to convince me that any of these players will end up in the Hall of fame and just two of them have proven to be a worthy first round pick (Andrew Luck & Cam Newton) even though at the time of them being drafted the teams that selected them thought they were going to lead their franchise into the foreseeable future. In fact the QB’s drafted AFTER the first QB taken off the board had more success!

So for those of you wanting the Dolphins to  give up VALUABLE picks to take a shot in the dark for one QB prospect that history has proven are usually way overrated and usually amounts to a major disappointment, the results prove it’s no guarantee that any of these QB’s will prove worthy of a high draft pick!

I hope the Dolphins avoid the masses and DO THE RIGHT THING and keep their picks and STOCK THE TEAM in 2020 with 3 first round picks or more.

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