The Great Ruse?


The one big difference with GM Chris Grier is how tight lipped the team has become and that is a good thing as in times past they leaked like a sieve. The bad thing is that now everybody is speculating on what the Dolphins will do and most are saying the Dolphins will draft a QB with their first pick in the draft and some even saying they will have to TRADE UP in the draft to get the QB they covet.

Maybe I’m hoping on something that is just a dream as many seem certain that come April 23rd the Miami Dolphins will add one of the top 3 QB prospects to their roster Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa or Justin Herbert.

Be it my stubborn personality or the fact that I am not a professional but I do not see the need for the Dolphins to draft a QB in this upcoming draft. In fact I feel Miami’s QB situation is already in great shape. Why so many are ignoring the fact that the Dolphins already have on their roster a young QB to develop into their future franchise QB is a mystery to me.

I can only say that it is the fans and media that are providing this narrative that the Dolphins MUST draft a QB this April I have not heard from anybody in the Dolphins organization confirming this and I just don’t agree with that narrative.

Josh Rosen vs Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect situation for the QB battle for Miami in  2020. I see no need to add another rookie QB prospect to the mix this year, maybe next year but not in 2020.

The Dolphins did a great job adding some quality depth and competition to the defensive side of the roster in free agency but there are still some pieces missing that could push this defense to the top of the league that can be found in the 2020 NFL draft.

So here is what I would do.

I am not a believer of trading up and giving up picks for any of the QB’s in this years draft, the only way I would trade up is to get DE Chase Young who would be a player that would help push Miami’s defense to the next level and I would not give up more than one of our 2nd rounders for him. (#5 & # 39 or #56)

I would more than likely Stand Pat and take one of the top  players on my board like maybe Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons, Tristan Wirfs, Jedrick Wills Jr, Derrick Brown, or Andrew Thomas just to name a few that are of greater need than drafting a QB, the Dolphins have to many needs and giving up high draft picks is just not a wise idea.

If the Dolphins have no plans to draft a QB this year (like I hope is the case) than they have done a great job of fooling the masses as that would surely surprise just about everyone, but it would be the correct decision because it’s about team building and they have the resources to add top young talent to the roster and giving up even one of those top picks would be a huge mistake!


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