Build Up The Team First!


I honestly believe that if Miami wants Tua Tagovailoa all they need to do is stand pat and let the draft fall where it may. The media and fans are putting a lot of pressure on Miami to take aggressive actions to get one of the top ranked QB in this years NFL Draft.

Some what Miami to do whatever they can “Sell The Barn” to get the presumptive Number 1 pick overall in the 2020 NFL draft Joe Borrow. If they were in Chris Grier’s shoes they would start with our 3 first round picks and keep adding to it until they get what they want. So I ask what happens IF Joe Burrow turns out to be a BUST on the NFL level?

Some feel Tua Tagovailoa is a sure fire Franchise QB and Miami will have to move up and trade with a team like Detroit to secure that they land the Left Handed Drew Brees, how convenient for Detroit!

I am the Contrarian who believes that Miami not only should not trade up for any of these QB’s, I also feel they don’t need to draft a QB this year at all. Miami needs to protect and use the valuable picks they’ve acquired to finish building their roster with top young cheap talent. The math don’t add up to me giving up our 5th, 18th, 26th and maybe another 2nd round pick or one of next years two 1st round picks for a rookie QB? Do you know how many potential impact players they will be giving up with no assurances that any of the top 3 QB’s listed will be better than Jordan Love, Utah State, Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma, Jacob Eason, Washington or Jake Fromm, Georgia just to name a few.

What about Josh Rosen?

Where was the G.O.A.T Tom Brady drafted again?

I don’t want to spend the last few precious years of my life left trying to defend the Dolphins management foolishly passing up on that one special player they could have taken rather than trading away much valued picks, especially in what is still the early stages of their complete rebuild.

It is my hope that Miami stand pat and one by one draft whatever player that is on their board when their number is called and let the chips fall where they fall! I can’t help but think that either an agent or a team or some envious GM is pushing this narrative that Miami should trade away their picks to move up and draft a unproven rookie QB.

I refuse to believe it will happen because so far GM Chris Grier has made very smart and sound decisions from purging the roster to the free agent additions made so far.

One thing for sure is next years QB prospects will be the talk of the draft as they will like every year be pushed up the draft board despite more talented players at other positions.

I am all about building the team and plugging the roster holes with as many picks as they can get their hands on because some will most definitely stick and you have a better chance of hitting on one of these young players when you have multiple picks rather than packaging picks for one unproven QB when history his proven that there are more misses with first round QB than just about any position.

Stick with the process Miami!

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