Miami Dolphins Post Free Agency Draft Needs!

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Phase one of the 2020 free agency period for the Miami Dolphins is relatively over as I don’t anticipate any movements before the upcoming NFL Draft a little over a month away (If They Don’t Delay It) for now I suspect the Dolphins brain trust are deep into their evaluations of the upcoming draft having discussions and maybe a mock draft or two of their own to try and figure out who might be available when they are on the clock a projected 14 times in the draft.

Free Agency is usually the time teams try to plug as many holes on their roster so they can go into the draft without having to address a specific position and draft the “Best Player Available” but that is easier said than done and usually teams enter the draft having specific needs to address.

The Dolphins plugged quite a few holes last week in free agency especially where they obviously targeted Defense & Special Teams as both units got some quality competition added to the roster but as you know it would be almost impossible to plug the many holes left over from year one of the rebuild and I thought it a wise move on the Dolphins management team to focus on Defense and special teams upgrades and now they can add to this starting in the draft.

The Dolphins added 10 new members to the roster through free agency and now with 14 draft picks in the upcoming draft that makes it possible that 24 new players will be on the roster whenever the 2020 NFL season kicks off. That is not taking into account the undrafted Free Agents who will get an invite as well as any phase two free agents they might target!

So who might Miami target in the upcoming NFL draft?

Lets look at the current needs of the team in order of importance.

  • Offensive tackle
  • Safety
  • Interior offensive line
  • Defensive line
  • Edge rusher
  • Running back
  • Quarterback
  • Cornerback
  • Linebacker
  • Tight end
  • Wide Receiver

This is the list I have come up with based off of what I feel are Miami’s major needs to be addressed in the upcoming NFL draft. Now GM Chris Grier’s draft philosophy is to draft the best player available no matter of position so the Dolphins could take just about anybody they feel fits the team and adds the much needed talent they lacked last season.

I am finalizing my 2020 Miami Dolphins mock draft for this year, I had some fun mocking up to over 20 times but as we get closer to draft day I will give only one more shot at this inexact science and with the whole sports world shut down what else do we have to look forward too but the NFL draft?

Fins Up!

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