Giving Up Miami’s 3 First Round Picks Is Not An Option!


The Sun Sentinel veteran Miami Dolphins sports beat writer Dave Hyde wrote an article that would send me over the edge if the Dolphins followed his suggestion, according to Dave Hyde if he was the Dolphins GM he would give up our 3 first round picks to the Cincinnati Bengals to draft Joe Burrow? Really!!!

“I’d offer three, first-round picks to Cincinnati for Joe Burrow. He’s the most valuable piece in the NFL draft. He’s the player they’ve chased for 20 years…I’d even goose the pot a bit more, if needed. Another third-rounder, if needed.”

My Answer No! I would not make such an offer!!!!

He then went on to ask…

Would you trade Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills, Minkah Fitzpatrick and your fifth pick in this draft to hopefully solve this franchise’s main problem for the past two, futile and frustrating decades?

My Answer No!

Dave like many others are just way to obsessed over a QB! Let’s talk about Franchise QB’s! The Dolphins had a franchise QB in their history it was Dan Marino considered by many to be one of the best QB’s in NFL history and by far the best QB Miami has ever had. How many SB wins did the Dolphins get with Marino? ZERO

Bob Griese on the other hand won two Super Bowls for Miami! So which QB really brought more value for Miami? The Bob Griese Dolphins had one of the best TEAMS in NFL history. (1972 Dolphins)  The Dan Marino Dolphins had the best QB in Dolphins history! Get my point?

Somehow in Dave Hyde’s mind the Dolphins made all the moves last off-season to be in a position to draft a franchise QB. Folks that is just Dave’s opinion! If you pay attention to what GM Chris Grier and Head Coach Brian Flores says when pressed by these QB obsessed people they always make a point to bring out that it’s not just the QB that we need to upgrade there are 22 guys on the field starting each week!

Why would any sane person give up 3 first round picks and Another third-rounder, if needed”  for one player when you have so many holes to plug? I would rather have 3 or more first round picks than one because my chances of hitting on a future star player regardless of position is increased 3 fold! It’s about building a team that is not relying on a QB, but one that will support a QB in winning games!

Tom Brady has never had the skills of Marino but he has more SB rings than any QB in NFL history 8, many of them are because he had a great head coach and teammates that contributed to those wins.

I do value the quarterback position I just don’t think you can guarantee that Joe Burrow is going to be any better then any other first-round quarterback busts that’s been drafted over the years or even his peers in this years draft! Teams have over-reached for that position every year!

In 2017 the Chicago Bears drafted Mitchell Trubisky with the 2nd overall pick while Patrick Mahomes was drafted 10th and Deshaun Watson 12th do you think the Bears would love a do over knowing what they know now? My point being there is no guarantee that Joe Burrow will be a success in the NFL in fact there is no guarantee that Josh Rosen is a failure in the NFL either.

I still say the best move for the Miami Dolphins is to forgo the quarterback position this year and use all those valuable resources that they have to draft the best players available other than quarterback, let me ask you a question, is it wise to give up 4 or 5 rookie players this year for 1 rookie quarterback?

In the first round of the draft there are pro bowl potential OT’s, LB’s, CB’s, DT’s, DE’s, RB’s and more with names like

  • DE Chase Young, Ohio St. 6-5, 265
  • DT Derrick Brown, Auburn 6-5, 318
  • LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson 6-4, 230
  • CB Jeff Okudah, Ohio St. 6-1, 200
  • S Xavier McKinne  Alabama, 6-1, 200
  • OT Jedrick Wills Jr. Alabama 6-5, 320
  • OT Mekhi Becton, Louisville 6-7, 369
  • OT Tristan Wirfs, Iowa 6-5, 322
  • OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia 6-5, 320
  • RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia 5-9, 215
  • RB J.K. Dobbins, Ohio St 5-10, 217
  • RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin 5-11, 219

I would rather take my chances with any three of these players over trading away those chances just to draft Joe Burrow.

This is just year 2 of the rebuild, there’s no emergency to get a quarterback, the Dolphins quarterback room is just fine the way it is. Give Josh Rosen a fair chance in 2020 to earn the starting quarterback job by competing with Ryan Fitzpatrick and be prepared in 2021 to  give up a king’s Ransom if they need to get a top-ranked quarterback like:

  • Trevor Lawrence, QB, Clemson
  • Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State
  • Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia
  • Kellen Mond, QB, Texas A&M
  • K.J. Costello, QB, Mississippi State

So instead of trying to use an outdated argument about the picks acquired by trading away Laremy Tunsil, Kenny Stills, Minkah Fitzpatrick who I would not give up for Joe Burrow, ask yourself is it worth giving up 3-4 of the current top college players for a QB with no guarantees and especially when there are so many other QB options starting from our roster (Josh Rosen) and the other QB’s in the current 2020 NFL draft or even waiting until 2021 to address  the QB position (my favorite option)!

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