Josh Rosen to New England?

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If Miami is not sold on Josh Rosen it might be a good idea to trade Rosen and the team that I thought would be a good fit is the New England Patriots for their first round pick this year.

The Patriots are in need of a young quarterback for the future and Josh Rosen spent last year on the Dolphins roster studying the Patriots offense under Chad O’Shea he would be an excellent young quarterback to bring in now that Tom Brady is gone.

Now that the Dolphins are moving to a spread offense it leads one to believe that they must have somebody in mind either through free agency or the NFL draft to put into that system and move away from the New England system under Chad O’Shea.

Chan Gailey is a spread offensive guru so the quarterback that they move forward with will be athletic, I’m not sure if that fits Josh Rosen’s skill sets or not but I’m almost sure that the Dolphins will be bringing in another young quarterback via the draft and/or free agency.

If the Dolphins don’t have plans for Josh Rosen being on the team in the future then it might be a great opportunity to get something for him now, such as a first or second round pick  and move on from Josh.

The good thing about Josh Rosen is that his salary is very low so it’s not critical that the Dolphins get rid of him they can keep him and allow him to continue to compete for the starting job or as a backup. The question is does he fit what they’re trying to do, if not then the best option would be to trade him.

I’m still hoping that somehow Josh Rosen comes back next year in training camp and beat out anybody including Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job.

We need to look no further than Ryan Tannehill to realize the importance of having talent around the quarterback in order to succeed and with Josh Rosen being so young it would be a huge relief if the Dolphins could somehow develop an offensive line and a running game to assist in Josh Rosen’s development.

After spending last year learning from Chad O’Shea I would think Josh McDaniels could take his learning curve to another level and with New England Reeling over the loss of Tom Brady getting a young QB to groom for the future just might help the fan base to forget about the loss of Brady.

New England currently have a young QB they drafted last year in the 4th round Jarrett Stidham who is currently the QB they will most likely have to go with unless they decide to bring in a veteran QB like Andy Dalton but if the Patriots are looking to groom a young QB than getting Rosen and having him and Jarrett Stidham battle it out just might be a wise move to make. New England can also provide Josh Rosen the very thing he has lacked throughout his career STABILITY!

I am not saying I want this, in fact I am still hoping that the Dolphins like Josh Rosen more than many think and they are not letting on their true intentions of possibly not drafting a QB this year or at least not trading up for one no matter what!

Josh Rosen just might be the answer for some team and how ironic it would be that the many impatient Dolphins fans who have already given up on young Josh Rosen would see him traded to New England and he come back to haunt Miami the next 20 years!

A Bird In the hand is worth two in the bush!

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