Are The Dolphins Moving To Fast?


The Miami Dolphins 2020 free agency has been a big surprise to me, for some reason I thought the Dolphins were going to lay back and let the beginning of the free agency pass them by and strategically pick out certain middle of the pack players to add depth and competition to the roster,  I did not think they would be big spenders at all, in fact, I thought the biggest contract they probably would shell out would be the two early ones that they signed for about 30 million Dollar 3 year contracts.

Boy was I wrong!

The Miami Dolphins proved to be big spenders on the very first day of legal tampering and even though it might not become official until this upcoming Wednesday I am sure not only me but many of you are shocked to see how the Dolphins have went on a spending spree that truly was unexpected.

I created my free agent tracking list for the Miami Dolphins and this year I decided to give a little comment and grade, I recommend you go ahead and look at that to see how I feel about the free agent picks the Dolphins brought to the roster.

But the Dolphins apparently want to win now, these moves are not designed to take it slow in 2020 and given how head coach Brian Flores is so competitive I do feel the Dolphins feel they are in a position to potentially compete for a top spot in the division in 2020 maybe second place or even first place, only time will tell.

Coming into free agency we all knew the Dolphins needed to address a few things the offensive and defensive lines, Cornerback, running back and a few other positions. So far they’ve addressed both lines and the Cornerback position in day 1 of free agency, I have not heard much about the rumor of free agent RB Melvin Gordon and the Miami Dolphins coming to some kind of agreement, as he too is on my wish list of players I would love to see in a Dolphin uniform.

I am a little biased because I’m from Wisconsin I would love to see Melvin Gordon in a Dolphins uniform in 2020 and in addition for the Dolphins to also target Wisconsin RB Jonathan Taylor in the upcoming draft. I feel the Dolphins need to add at least two or more running backs to the roster and let them fight it out for who’s the best.

There are many excited fans after day 1 of the legal tampering and the reports that have come out as to who the Dolphins have agreed to deals with, I have a cautious excitement about it because I do not agree with signing free agents above a certain age (my line of demarcation is 27 years of age) and being that one player is over that age limit and another player is exactly at that limit and both of these players were the most expensive ones that they acquired, I have concerns of the durability as both of these players will be into their 30’s when their contracts come to their conclusion. (if they make it to that point)

So far Miami has spent over 200 million dollars on the first day!!!

One thing is for sure, the Dolphins are serious as rumors were there was a bidding war between the Dolphins at least three teams for cornerback Byron Jones, that’s why his price was so high because we know how stubborn the Dolphins owner can be, he will not be outspent by anybody and that’s why the Dolphins had as much cap space as they had so they can do what they wanted to do and this is not even the most exciting part of the off-season because we are approaching the NFL draft and the Dolphins currently have 14 picks and a lot of options so get your popcorn ready!

Fins up!

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