Should Reshad Jones Be On The Dolphins Ring Of Honor?


It’s just a matter of time before Reshad Jones retires from the NFL and listening to the radio the other day it was discussed whether Reshad Jones should be voted to be a member on the Dolphins Ring Of Honor

The Miami Dolphins Honor Roll was started on September 16, 1990 with its first inductee being the owner/founder of the Miami Dolphins: Joe Robbie, who died one year prior to his induction. Since then, 23 players, and two coaches have been inducted into the honor roll, along with a special induction to honor the 1972 Undefeated Team, which was inducted in 1992 at the 20th anniversary. Inductions included a special “four individual” induction in 1990 to honor the first four Miami Dolphins Hall of Famers of Csonka, Langer, Griese, and Warfield.

There have also been special “dual” inductions: In 2003, the “Marks Brothers” of WRs Mark Clayton and Mark Duper were inducted. In 2008, a special “dual” induction honored two members of the famed “Killer B’s” defense with DT Bob Baumhower and DE Doug Betters. In 2010, a “dual” induction of two defensive stars on Miami’s 1972 undefeated team – S Jake Scott and DE Bill Stanfill – were inducted. In 2012, a special “dual” induction of two all-time Dolphin fan-favorites, defensive stars from the mid-late 1990s/early 2000s – LB Zach Thomas and DE Jason Taylor – were also inducted.

In 1992 at the 20th anniversary, Miami’s “1972 Undefeated Team” was enshrined into the Honor Roll. At the 40th anniversary, which enshrined former defensive coordinator Bill Arnsparger into the Honor Roll, his name went on the Honor Roll where the “1972 Undefeated Team” inductee previously and originally was enshrined, and an updated “1972 Perfect Season Team 17-0” inductee was put into one corner of Hard Rock Stadium with special placards of Super Bowl VII and Super Bowl VIII included next to it on each side.

Miami Dolphins Honor Roll inductees are chosen by current members of the honor roll as well as current franchise officials.

I don’t have a vote on this issue but if I did I would vote a resounding NO, in fact HELL NO!

When I look at all the names on that list I see people that brought honor to the organization beyond just there play! There is not a name up there that I have a problem with! But if Reshad Jones were to be on that list my question is where is the honor?

Where is the honor in a player who went to the dark side? Reshad Jones final years in Miami was a money grab and all about himself and that in no way reflects honor!

I’ve written  far to many articles on how Reshad was wrong in his dealings with Miami and his ACTIONS proved it!

If you search my data base for Reshad Jones those were my last five articles on Reshad Jones  and so I ask where is the honor? This guy got over on Miami and one of the reporters said good for Reshad (Omar) Really? Listen I know there is some dirty things on the business side of Football and teams have had there fair share of dirty deeds towards players like backing out of deals when an injury happens but two wrongs don’t make a right and for a player to be so selfish that both his play and his motives was all about two things MONEY & SELF! He free-lanced way to many times and when he got burnt I don’t recall him ever giving any money back…

And after just two years into a 4 year deal after he had a very good season he held out of camp for a new deal….here are my excerpts from one of the above articles:

I am split on Reshad Jones and here is why. Reshad after signing a new contract in 2013 turned around and played average the very next season and being one of my favorite players I called him out in May of 2014

Here is the crux of my argument he did not offer to pay any money back for having such a pedestrian season just after signing a 30 million contract 15 million guaranteed. But after playing up to his contract these past couple of years now he wants to get an extension?

Last season he did not report to OTA’s (not the first time) the reason being he trains better on his own, but managed to play just 4 games and got 13 million dollars??? WHERE IS THE HONOR?!

Yes he was a very good player at times but his conduct ( greed and selfishness) disqualifies him from being honored as a Dolphins player unlike the Honorable names currently on the list!

Fins Up!

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