Miami Should Focus On The Offensive & Defensive Lines & RB, In Year Two Of The Rebuild!


It’s time to think outside of the box and that is my specialty! While many of you are obsessing on the QB position I feel that is the last thing the Dolphins should be worried about in just the second year of the REBUILD.

The Dolphins will draft a young QB sometime between the 2020 and 2021 NFL draft . While many are targeting the 2020 NFL draft, I for many reasons feel the Dolphins should focus on building the team up to support a young QB.

I am content with Josh Rosen as our young QB for 2020 and focusing on the more important positions that will assure that whoever we bring in as our future QB will succeed because the team is solid in the other areas they need to strengthen.

This should be a slow focused rebuild, not to appease unreasonable fans that are insane about getting a QB that is still suffering from a hip injury and with no guarantees (no matter how they try and dress up this wounded cow) that he will ever be the same again or that he will not suffer the same fate once he is popped by the BIG BOYS!  What will be guaranteed is that if Miami draft Tua Tagovailoa with the 5th pick or are STUPID enough to trade away valuable draft picks to trade up for Tua, NO MATTER WHAT he will get rich and should the worse happen those same insane fickle fans will question the decision to draft Tua Tagovailoa in the first place!

It will require some Big Kahuna’s to do what I am suggesting and hopefully someone from the Dolphins organization is listening to the Dolphins Seer!


What Miami should address especially with all the draft picks they have is plug holes with the BPA and focus with both free agency and the draft on what makes for a good team.

Defense First!

This draft presents a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for Miami to BUILD A TOP YOUNG DEFENSE not unlike what the Jags did a few years back before they screwed it all up! Jacksonville had a very talented YOUNG DEFENSE that could have been the best defensive unit in the NFL with some nurturing and development but instead allowed Tom Coughlin to mess it up with foolish policies and rules that fractured their defense and created a mess that ruined that unit!

Brian Flores is a Defensive Head Coach and I refuse to believe that he doesn’t want to have the best YOUNG DEFENSE in the NFL! That is why for me I’m drafting DEFENSE and using free agency to add help to that defense like a veteran player or two that are willing to be examples for the young players and how about a top FA RB to make sure they can control the ball and allow this defense to pin their ears back and not be worn out because they have played more than their fair share of snaps because the offense does not sustain drives?

So I have already proposed some BOLD MOVES in the draft like if they are willing to trade up, trade for CHASE YOUNG not Borrow or Tua! Or if they stay at 5 and teams trade up and push the top defensive players on my big board down like

  • DT Derrick Brown, Auburn  6’-5″  318 LBS
  • CB Jeffrey Okudah, Ohio State 6’-1″ 200 LBS
  • LB Isaiah Simmons, Clemson 6’-4″ 225 LBS
  • DT Javon Kinlaw, South Carolina 6’-6″ 302 LBS

Then Miami should jump at the opportunity to take one of these future studs over some injury prone QB that high!

Or how about more help on the Offensive line as players like

  • OT Jedrick Wills Alabama 6’-5″ 316 LBS
  • OT Tristan Wirfs, Iowa 6’-5″ 320 LBS
  • OT Mekhi Becton, Louisville 6’-7″ 369 LBS
  • OT Andrew Thomas, Georgia  6’-5″ 320 LBS

will be on the board!

Or how about

  • S Xavier McKinney Alabama 6’-1″ 196 LBS
  • LB K’Lavon Chaisson, LSU 6’-4″ 238 LBS
  • CB C.J. Henderson Florida 6’-1″ 186 LBS
  • S Grant Delpit LSU 6’-3″ 203 LBS

All of these players are BETTER OPTIONS than risking the Future on Tua!

Or what about the 2021 QB draft class?

  • Trevor Lawrence*, QB, Clemson
  • Justin Fields*, QB, Ohio State
  • Jamie Newman, QB, Georgia
  • Kellen Mond*, QB, Texas A&M

If The Dolphins build the team this year and allow them to get acclimated and settled into their positions than MAYBE Josh Rosen is the answer and if not we have 2021 to address the QB and hopefully everything is set and all we will need is a QB and then we can trade the farm for a  Trevor Lawrence, Justin Fields or whoever to be able to compete with Rosen in 2021!

You Build Starting with the foundation and add the roof last! The QB can wait another year!

That is my vision and I’m sticking with it!


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