Reshad Jones Finally Purged!

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In what was an apparently obvious move for the 2020 Miami Dolphins it was announced that they will move on from Safety Reshad Jones. It will become official once free agency begins Match 18th and will add an additional 5.3 million dollars to Miami’s already league leading cap monies available in free agency. GM Chris Grier posted this statement on twitter “We want to thank Reshad for everything he has done for the Miami Dolphins, I have known Reshad since spending time with him at Georgia and have been impressed with everything he’s been able to accomplish. We wish him the best moving forward.” 

Jones release will still be somewhat costly it will create 10 million in dead cap money on the Dolphins Books but this was a necessary move as both sides needed a divorce, in fact he would have been part of the purge last year had it not been for that ridiculous contract extension given by former GM/head of football Mike Tannenbaum. This was the last of the bad deals that current GM Chris Grier had to clean up.

One writer wrote an article saying we should appreciate what Reshad Jones did for Miami… sorry Schad but Jones gets no love from me, I am glad he is gone and felt he should have been dealt a few years ago when he proved to be a selfish person and held out for more money just two years after getting his first extension I lost my love for Reshad as he proved he was all about self! He also did himself no favors by not attending OTA’s last season when the Dolphins hired Brian Flores, I was pissed and I am sure it did not go over well with Flores either.

Reshad was once my favorite Dolphin player especially early on in his career, I recall when he was drafted I knew he would be a special player and he did not disappoint. But as he got better he became cocky and many reports from the team said he would freelance a lot.

I wrote an article about my Disappointment with Jones anticipating this day that Miami would cut him and I have no regrets and find much joy in the news that he is gone. The Dolphins need veteran players that will set the example especially with what he was paid over his Dolphins Career you would expect this guy to be a leader and set the example not say he works out better alone while the rest of the team is busting their guts during OTA’s. He played what 4 games last year and earned 13 million dollars?

So all I can say is Goodbye Reshad take your drama some place else.


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