With A Projected 200 Million Salary Cap It’s Time To Go Shopping!

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Just imagine if you had two hundred million dollars what would you do with it, how would you spend that money, would you invest it, would you spend it like crazy and buy everything you ever wanted, would you put in a bank in a high-interest account and let the money grow there are countless ways to spend that type of money.

But as an NFL executive in charge of player personnel 200 million dollars it’s not a lot of money in fact some teams have blown that type of money on one player in fact the highest paid quarterbacks can eat up most of that money with their salary demands

As NFL free agency begins in a little over a week, no team will have more money to spend then the Miami Dolphins, in fact they will have about half of that 200 million to spend on player acquisitions, new free agents to bring to the team. So the question is how should they spend that money?

Hopefully the Miami Dolphins have learned from the past as current GM Chris Grier sat behind a variety of GM’s and head coach/GM’s that made their fair share of mistakes when it comes to acquiring free agents and with having more money than any other team in the NFL and an owner who’s always been supportive of however they spend the money  will the Dolphins be big spenders in the upcoming free-agent market?

“To me, I’d rather have three really good players than one great player who may, or may not impact what you’re doing,” GM Chris Grier said. “I’d rather have three good players that are going to help a team win.”

That comment alone take you into the mindset of current GM Chris Grier who truly believes that free agency should be a means to supplement the roster with multiple players as opposed to hitching your wagon to one player like the Dolphins often did so many times in the past like former GM’s Jeff Ireland and Mike tannenbaum who proved to be big spenders while the Dolphins continued to be losers.

There’s a totally different mindset under Chris Grier, it’s all about rebuilding this roster for the long term, they’re not necessarily reaching for the stars or claiming to be a super bowl contender in 2020, what they want to see is significant progress from 2019 and the only way to do that is to add more talent to the team and that process will begin soon.

In times past the night before the start of free agency we knew what the Dolphins were going to do because through leaks and with deep pockets Miami was not to be out-spent so the Dolphins have spent hundreds of millions of dollars on players like in Ndamukong Suh ($114 million),  Mike Wallace ($60 million)  Karlos Dansby ($43 million) just name a few, you can’t blame the players for taking the contracts that were offered because that was their goal and in all fairness those players proved to be good players for the Dolphins but unfortunately the Dolphins as a team never proved to be good enough.

Under the thinking that they were a player away from being a contender the Dolphins wasted hundreds of millions of dollars thinking they would have a contender it never worked because there are no shortcuts to building a team through the draft! We find ourselves in this rebuilding process now because they finally moved on from  that mentality that they may be one or two players away.

So don’t expect a big splash in the early stages of free agency, I’m pretty sure that they’ve already sat down and they have a plan that they want to put in place as to what players they want to get, now don’t get me wrong I’m not saying they might not spend big on some young prospect that they want on this roster, but for the most part the words coming out of Chris Grier’s mouth is more about spending wisely and implies that in free agency this year look for some middle-tier free agents that can be added to this roster that’s still an upgrade and provides  legitimate competition at their positions but at the same time don’t be expecting to see some of these high-priced free agents that are looking to break the bank.


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