Miami Dolphins 2020 QB Battle

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While many are ready to throw Josh Rosen under the bus because they lack patience and understanding of player development, I am hopeful that after his rookie season last year that the Dolphins are working on his development. Yes I said “rookie season” because to me that’s exactly what it was, a do-over for this young QB and unfortunately he will once again have to work with another new OC  in what (to no fault of his own) has been a constant turnover since college as this will be like his 8th different OC and his 4th in the last three years.

The Dolphins quarterback situation is one others should envy and is in perfect position to develop Josh Rosen as our future starting QB and hopefully turn into a franchise QB but it’s going to take time. Yes when you see the Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson’s of the world many tend to want to use them as some standard-bearer when in reality it takes time even years for QB’s to develop into franchise QB’s.

Dan Marino was special! Yes many still remember how a young Dan Marino burst onto the scene and from his rookie season on he was special and to this day is an idol to many. Unfortunately he has made it very difficult to replace the QB position in Miami because of the high standard he set.

Josh Rosen is no Dan Marino and will never be but that don’t mean he can’t be our next franchise QB.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is no Dan Marino either but what he is is exactly what Josh Rosen needs to learn how to beat out for the starting QB position in Miami and at least for the 2020 NFL season that is good enough. Miami might or might not draft a QB in 2020 to throw into the mix and let the best man win but they don’t have to, or need to, especially when there are so many other needs to address on this team.

I suspect the Dolphins are evaluating Josh Rosen now to determine if they can pass on drafting a QB in 2020 and focus on the remaining roster in free agency and the draft so they can let the battle between Rosen and Fitzpatrick in training camp play out.

Hopefully Josh Rosen is working hard on his weaknesses this off-season so when he comes into camp he will show significant improvement and actually beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick in training camp or sometime during the 2020 season.

Miami can provide Josh Rosen with the very thing he needs to grow STABILITY! Let this kid settle in with one system and then he can be fairly evaluated because to date he has not had the very thing that will contribute towards his growth an ability to learn an offense that will be around for a while and not having to change every year.

It’s funny how many are obsessed over the latest new candy coming up in the NFL draft despite having a highly valued and drafted Josh Rosen who in 2018 was the 10th pick overall. Miami’s QB situation is just fine and they need to allow it to play out and hopefully after a full off-season with Miami Josh Rosen will be the cream that rises to the top and ascends to the role of our starting QB.

It’s time the Dolphins focus on the rest of the roster in 2020 and let the current QB battle work itself out and address the QB position in 2021 when Ryan Fitzpatrick will be a free agent….unless they work out some extension.

Fins Up!

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