Leaders Lead!

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Leaders Lead and Followers Follow and in the world we need both, in some cases we might need a leader to follow and a follower to lead and it will take both humility (leader) and courage (follower) to accomplish that.

A leader is one who will take charge and even stand in the face of opposition for their beliefs, they will not cower and will make a decision and deal with the outcome. It’s easy to lead when things go well but it is one of the hardest things to lead when everything goes wrong. A true leader will thrive even when adversity might be all around.

The Miami Dolphins are in the process of a very important off-season unlike any in the history of the team and they have GM Chris Grier in charge of making the decisions but as I wrote in an article a few weeks ago he is not alone in making the decisions that will shape the face of this team for the next 10-20 years if things work out well.

To have the job of General Manager in the NFL, the most popular sport in the United States by far, is not easy because it’s a very enviable position and it is a job that everybody watches closely and one you can’t hide from as millions of people will have an opinion on what decisions a GM makes and there are no shortage of BACK SEAT DRIVERS in this business.

This is where a true leader will thrive and even with the spotlight on them they are not nervous but will calmly make a decision and live with it. The one thing about fans is they will often accept the decisions made by the team especially if that decision makes sense. We all want he same thing for our team to be relevant and that means a playoff contender with a legitimate chance to win a Super Bowl.

I do not know GM Chris Grier personally and can only judge him off of the person I see every once in a while before the camera and based off the decisions he’s made in the past.

Leaders come in all types of personalities and for GM Chris Grier he comes across as a quiet guy who would prefer to be behind the scenes and do his work. He has an ego and full of pride and truly wants to succeed at his job and will do everything he can to get the right players on the roster and also manage this teams cap and draft capital perfectly.

The Dolphins are going to thrive under Chris’s leadership and we will finally have a team that will get back to being a contender as our drought is just about over. I have nothing but excitement towards this team because I can see the success that is coming and hopefully my fellow Dolfans do too….


Fins Up!

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