Top 10 2020 College TE Prospects

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Cole Kmet

Long bodied, early entry Y tight end prospect who is a better pass threat than run blocker at this stage. Kmet should continue to fill out his frame, but his run blocking is too scattered and needs better focus and efficiency as a pro. He can be jammed and slowed by early contact into his route, but once he’s striding, he becomes a legitimate second-level threat with sneaky separation speed and intriguing ball skills. He’s still developing and could be a slow starter headed into the league, but he has the talent to eventually become a solid starter as a pass-catching in-line tight end with the ability to mismatch from the slot with his size.


  • TE Brycen Hopkins, Purdue 6-5, 245
  • TE Jared Pinkney, Vanderbilt 6-4, 260
  • TE Hunter Bryant, Washington 6-2, 239
  • TE Thaddeus Moss, LSU 6-3, 249
  • TE Adam Trautman, Dayton 6-6, 253
  • TE Harrison Bryant, FAU 6-5, 240
  • TE Albert Okwuegbunam, Missouri 6-5, 255
  • TE Jacob Breeland, Oregon 6-5, 250
  • TE Cheyenne O’Grady, Arkansas 6-4, 256

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