Miami Should Pass On Tua Tagoviola!


I truly hope that what is being rumored to happen comes true, the Redskins are considering drafting Tua Tagoviola  or how about the Detroit Lions might want to take him or at least make a trade down with some other team (not named Miami) to draft Tua or how about other teams wanting to trade up for Tua?

I would love for anybody to prevent Miami from making the mistake of drafting Tua because I don’t want to take the risk on him especially considering the bad luck this team has had with QB’s.

Even if Tua drops to 5 and the Dolphins are on the clock I hope Miami would do one of two things, trade down with another team that covets the Alabama QB or draft the best player available not named Tua.

Like Jeff Okudah or Isaiah Simmons or Derrick Brown how about Jedrick Wills Jr. or Andrew Thomas any of these players will look good in a Dolphin uniform.

To me it’s too great a risk for the type of injury that Tua suffered to draft him anywhere, I’m willing to let some other team take him even if he pans out and becomes a franchise quarterback, he won’t be the only franchise quarterback to ever play in the NFL and others will come along to be a franchise quarterback, we might even have one on our team now that we just need to develop.

But under no circumstances should the Dolphins draft Tua Tagoviola because there’s a greater chance that this guy is going to get rich, suffer another injury and go on about his marry life after having been paid millions of dollars by some team, just hopefully not the Miami Dolphins.

I don’t know about you but I’ve had a dislocated shoulder and other than being one of the most painful experiences in my life what I remember is  that shoulder will never be the same and I’m always in fear of it popping out again as in the early stages when I initially dislocated my shoulder it kept popping out over and over again and it took a few years for me to feel comfortable where I knew it would not most likely pop out again.

That’s not the case for Tua Tagoviola he might sit out a year but eventually he’s going to have to get back on the field and I’m pretty sure he’s going to feel as comfortable as possible but the reality is in the NFL  he’s going to be tackled on a regular basis and I think it’s just a matter of time before he dislocates his hip again and in that case they may come to realize that he cannot continue on in such a violent sport with the type of injury that he suffered.

There is no case in the NFL when someone has suffered the hip dislocation that he did in the severity that he had that they’ve come back to have a long sustaining career that injury is usually a career-ender and I feel that it’s just a matter of time before his hip will once again be dislocated and whoever has him on their roster would be stuck paying him the multi millions of dollars that he would get for the position that he plays and being drafted high in the NFL draft.

The Dolphins have far too many needs to be overly concerned at this stage of the rebuild at getting it right at the quarterback position despite the claims of many that it must be done now, to those who say that it must be done now I ask why?

What’s the big hurry, the Dolphins have another 2 to 3 years of roster building which gives them plenty of time to settle on the quarterback position.

Call me a contrarian or whatever you want to call me but I am totally against the Dolphins even taking the risk of drafting Tua Tagoviola, I think they need to distance themselves from him and in fact if I were them he would be totally off my draft board because the risk far outweigh the rewards in my opinion. Even for those who agree to disagree.


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