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Below is the scouting reports on the strengths of 5 QB’s 4 of whom will be drafted this year and one is Miami Dolphins 22 year old Josh Rosen, to find out which one they are after reading their strengths just click on the title above the strengths (QB A,B,C,D or E) what I want you to do is pick which QB you would chose just based off of the scouting reports before you click and find out who that QB really is.



  • Great size with filled-out, pro-ready frame
  • Full-field reader with experience in pro passing concepts
  • Operates with pre-snap plan and recognizes matchup advantages
  • Play-actions are bought and sold
  • Ball tucked near frame when scanning
  • Scans crisply through full slate of progressions without panic
  • Eyeballs deep safety, keeping him planted midfield
  • Played with better poise and calmer feet
  • Throwing process is well-balanced, quiet and repeatable
  • Rocket arm can beat rangy safeties and keep tight windows alive
  • Able to alter arm slots to work around traffic
  • Fluid stride and throw rolling in either direction
  • Has zone-read ability and can roll downhill once he’s flushed from the pocket
  • impeccable footwork and delivery balance
  • Plays with excellent coordination between eyes and feet
  • Gets head around quickly on play-fakes
  • Has experience under center
  • Anchors in pocket and doesn’t creep around needlessly
  • Trusts his protection and doesn’t take eyes off targets when pressure mounts from the edge
  • Climbs pocket when appropriate
  • Willing to stand and deliver in face of pressure
  • Completed 63 percent of his passes when blitzed
  • Accuracy totals negatively impacted by 31 receiver drops this year
  • Holds his water in pocket
  • Mechanics are terrific
  • Rarely over-strides and throws with consistently bent front knee
  • Throwing motion and follow-through are effortless
  • Extremely confident and intelligent
  • Throws receivers open
  • Might be best back shoulder thrower in the game
  • Shows ability to speed up operation time for move to next level
  • Very good usage of shoulder fakes and hitches to move defenders or buy additional time for receivers to uncover
  • Touch passer who can throw feathers when needed
  • Off-the-charts football IQ and intangibles
  • Plays with brazen field presence and poise
  • Rapid ascension to chess master who can beat up coverages thrown at him
  • Initial field glances are often lies being told to safeties
  • Gets through full-field progressions with unique internal clock timed to the routes
  • Decisive from read to release with elite precision and placement
  • Stuck it into impossible windows on several occasions
  • Very good timing and anticipation
  • Throws pass-catchers away from coverage and into space
  • Throws with superb touch and trusts receivers to make the play
  • Deep dime-dropper, completing 55 percent with 24 TDs and 2 INTs
  • Separates from rush with deft climbs, slides and escapes
  • Above-average toughness in pocket and as runner
  • Unexpected wiggle to elude when scrambling
  • Makes explosive, off-schedule plays while on the move
  • Can deliver back-breaking runs to move the chain
  • Fits the mold of NFL’s new dual-threat quarterbacks
  • Career touchdown-to-interception ratio of 8:1
  • Sudden ball handling on RPO plays
  • Active, agile feet offer quick setups and re-sets
  • Rare upper-body twitch allows for fast release
  • Willing to sit and scan from the pocket
  • Confident throwing to windows between hashes
  • Experienced reading route combinations from play-action
  • Throws short and intermediate with repeatable accuracy
  • Has arm talent to make all the throws
  • Eyes keep safeties out of one-on-one throws to deep sideline
  • Feathery soft bucket throws to the deep boundary
  • Play-action salesman on bootlegs and deep drops
  • Improvisational pocket escapes
  • Mobility to relocate launch point or take off to move the sticks


  • Tall in the pocket and smooth, natural thrower
  • Keeps ball tucked and secure while scanning the field
  • Tight spirals come from a variety of arm slots
  • Offenses built upon intermediate and deep reads/throws
  • Confident passer attacking between the hashes
  • Makes athletic pocket exits when scrambling
  • Good open-field vision and speed to move the sticks
  • Arm strength to dime it into windows
  • Drops deeps balls in with plenty of air and touch
  • trusted big receivers to make plays on 50/50s
  • Arm talent and swagger to attack field side Cover 2 hole
  • Has access to expedited, compact release when pressured

My goal was for you to see how these players are graded by way of their scouting reports and if it really is a big difference between what we already have on our roster and what is coming out in the draft.

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