QB or Bust?

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How many sports writers and fans have already selected the 2020 5th pick for our Miami Dolphins? Despite the fact that our current GM and management team have given no indication as to what they plan to do.

This crazy unrealistic expectation of landing a franchise quarterback in the 2020 draft has put unrealistic pressure (real or imagined) on the Dolphins management team. It’s like the fans and media want to dictate to current GM Chris Grier what he should do and if not there’s going to be a heavy backlash of criticism.

The reality is no matter what they do they are going to be criticized because they’re not going to do exactly what everyone expects them to do, it never happens that way in the draft.

Let me take you back a few years ago in 2007 when Cam Cameron was the head coach of the Miami Dolphins and there was heavy pressure then that the Miami Dolphins should draft University of Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn. All this pressure built up because the fans and the media was one hundred percent behind drafting FRANCHISE QB Brady Quinn and there would be no reasonable response if the Dolphins did not draft Brady Quinn.

So you can imagine when the Dolphins drafted Ted Ginn jr. (WR / return Man) the anger and frustration from the fan base and the media, as well as some players because they knew better.

Cam Cameron took time out of the draft process to address to fans about the pick of Ted Ginn and that was the famous quote that he drafted “The Ted Ginn Family”.

The fan base was so upset they booed Cam Cameron off the stage, the sad part about it all is Brady Quinn was later drafted by the Browns and proved to be a colossal flop and was out of the NFL in 6 years while Ted Ginn has had a very long NFL career (13 seasons) and is still playing for the New Orleans Saints but appears to be near the end of his career.

Nobody seems to remember directly after the draft all the expectations and failed projections of what these teams and who are these teams should draft.

So here we are in 2020 and the Dolphins once again are under unrealistic expectations by many of the fans and media to draft a quarterback despite the fact that I keep contending that the Dolphins quarterback situation is really in great shape because they have a young 22 year old quarterback they are developing and they have a veteran quarterback who has led the team last year to more victories than anyone expected in 2019.

So what if the Dolphins don’t draft quarterback in 2020 and do what I say they should do give Josh Rosen a fair chance to earn the starting job. What if the Dolphins decide in 2020 with all the resources that they have (that other teams and fans covet) decide to stand pat at 5 and take the best player available with every pick that they have throughout the 2020 draft, would that be the worst thing in the world?

Can anybody here guarantee that any of the quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL draft is a lock to be a franchise quarterback in the NFL?

Hopefully the readers of TDS will trust the process and realize that it takes more than one player to turn a team into a contender and even though we all want a franchise quarterback, in this early stage of the rebuilding I don’t think that’s the most important piece right now more than building through the trenches and providing the pieces necessary to help any young quarterback to grow into the system and develop into a franchise quarterback.

There’s no fast solution to this problem even though the Dolphins seem to be on the right track to turn things around quickly, but with so many holes to fill this unrealistic expectation that the Dolphins must find a franchise quarterback in the upcoming draft is driven by the fans and the media but not the team.

Miami have two first and second round picks in the 2021 draft and time to allow things to play out with Josh Rosen in 2020, so if the Dolphins pass up on a QB in 2020 will the mob mentality of the fan base show their ugly heads like they did in 2007/

Hopefully calmer heads will prevail.

Fins Up!


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