Avoiding A Huge Letdown!

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As the 2020 NFL draft quickly approaches (less than two months and counting) the smoke is getting so dense it is hard to see anything. Lies, misinformation, and even in past times complete sabotage Remember Laremy Tunsil’s horrendous draft day?

Anything can happen and since the Dolphins have done a GREAT JOB of sealing all the leaks, unlike in times past when it is now apparent that our former president of football operations was either the  source of the leaks or failed to keep leaks from leaking out of the facility. Since the leaks have dried up what you have is everybody speculating, guessing, lying, diverting and misleading what the Dolphins intend to do.

I have talked in the past about the puppet mentality of the media a perfect example was this past NFL season when one local Dolphins sports writer created a false narrative that was picked up by the National media and drew unfair criticism and accusations against the Dolphins coaches and management when he wrote the Dolphins planned to tank (That Is ) to Deliberately lose games despite the team and head coach Brian Flores denying it, many took that false narrative and ran with it after Miami started the 2019 season with some historically bad beat-downs.

Those same reporters, because they are locked out of what the Dolphins plan to do will just make up stories that have no basis because they are frustrated that the team will not tell them what they intend to do. Like they can keep it secret?

One narrative that has been pushed from everybody for well over a year is that the Miami Dolphins loved Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa and he was their target to draft in the 2020 NFL draft despite not a word from the Dolphins management that they are targeting Tua or any QB in the upcoming draft.

The Dolphins have a wealth of resources; they have the most draft picks in the upcoming draft (a projected 14 picks) and they have more money than any other team to spend in free agency.

So TEAMS covet what the Dolphins have and will try anything to dupe Miami into giving up their stockpile of goods and some desperate fans that OVERVALUE the QB position are willing and want the Dolphins to trade whatever they have to get one of these top rated QB’s coming out of the draft. Never mind that the QB position is one of the biggest bust or boom positions with a higher ratio of bust than booms!

The Dolphins tore down their roster last year with the the goal of totally rebuilding the roster basically from scratch. They have needs everywhere on their roster more so than any team in the NFL the Dolphins had the least talent on their roster at the end of the 2019 season.

So how is logical that they should give up much needed draft picks for one player and in particular a QB in the first round that there are NO GUARANTEES that they will become a franchise QB? One QB in the draft has a history of injuries and in fact just might need to sit out the upcoming season due to a very serious injury one that can easily happen again and could be career ending. So the Dolphins should risk millions of dollars on a kid that has been injury prone and is nursing a very serious hip injury?

Or how about another young QB who is projected to go number 1 overall in the draft because he had the best college season for a QB in history but that was just one season he also was the same person that was a backup to  J. T. Barrett in Ohio and knowing he would not beat out  Dwayne Haskins  decided to transfer to LSU.

Now don’t get me wrong it was a very smart move for Joe Burrow to transfer but he only has one season even though it was the greatest season ever he does not have a proven track record.

The truth is QB’s are ALWAYS overrated due to the importance of the position and this year is no exception! They all come with risk and they all will need to be developed on the next level.

The Dolphins should block all the noise and these out of control fans and media who seems to want to dictate to the GM what he should do. Crazy statements or articles like THEY MUST HIT ON THE QB THIS YEAR or what? So if Miami decides to not draft a QB in 2020 did they fail? What if they build a solid team first that will just need a QB and let Josh Rosen the forgotten “Chosen Rosen” compete again with Fitzpatrick, because some impatient fans and media personalities think that our 22 year old QB who was unable to beat out a 17 year experienced veteran QB last year must be a bust?

Just think if Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers was dumped after one season working under Brett Favre? It is foolish thinking to give up on Josh Rosen who by the way was a first round pick number 10 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft! We gave Ryan Tannehill 7 years and can’t give Josh Rosen more than one?

I’m on record in my belief that Miami should hang on to every pick and draft TBA every time they are on the clock and I would even entertain the idea of trading down and acquiring more picks!

We are less than two months away from the 2020 NFL draft and it will come and go and life will still move on and you will accept whoever the Dolphins draft even if it is not a QB!

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