Stability Is The Key To Josh Rosen’s Success!

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Imagine trying to study a foreign language because your company wants you to lean French as they will be sending you to the branch in France. While coming along in your studies you are informed that you need to change languages and learn Mandarin because they have decided that the company would be better served by moving you to China so a year into your Mandarin lessons you are once again asked to switch to Spanish and repeat that for 7 different languages!

How could you ever be prepared to do any job under those circumstances?

It is often said that learning an NFL playbook is often like learning a new language for most young QB’s coming to the NFL when drafted and for those who proved to be the most successful QB’s in NFL history you will find one common denominator. STABILITY!

Peyton Manning and Tom Brady are two examples of QB’s that have played at the highest level in the NFL  and we can think of a few more QB’s that had great success in the NFL like Big Ben, Aaron Rodgers to name a few. Back in the old days QB’s who also had stability proved to also have sustained success even our own greatest of all time Dan Marino had a hall of fame career mostly under the reign of the greatest Dolphins coach of all time Don Shula.

In fact the most successful teams have had stability from management to players especially the coaches and QB’s.

That is why it frustrates me that too many folks have given up on Josh Rosen especially considering what he been through throughout his college and 2 year NFL career where he was drafted by a team that traded him away the following year because they fired the head coach who drafted Rosen after one year. Then Rosen was traded to the Dolphins who was purging the roster and dealing with their own first time head coach and first time DC and first time OC in 2019 and out of the three only the head coach Brian Flores will be in Miami in 2020.

For Josh Rosen he will now enter the 2020 NFL season under his 7th Offensive Coordinator since college and his 4th since being drafted in the NFL in 2018. So just like my illustration of the worker being asked to learn multiple languages in successive years as they kept changing the task.

Now Josh Rosen will enter the 2020 NFL season as Miami’s backup QB who will compete with the current starter Ryan Fitzpatrick and possibly another young QB if Miami should chose to draft one in the upcoming NFL draft. I just hope the wishes of many of the clueless fans that Miami trade Josh Rosen and draft one of these young QB’s coming out of college and thus have their own unknowns and issues and will have to learn an NFL offense too realize that the Dolphins just might have their QB of the Future if they just allow Josh Rosen to get some stability in his life and be allowed to settle into an offensive system that he can be allowed to learn and grow into because he just might then prove his worth for Miami or some other team that can see that Josh Rosen just needs a chance to have some stability in his life.

Fins Up!

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