Another Hit To Brian Flores?

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Remember the Jets game last year when head coach Brian Flores flipped out over a perceived bad call that caused the Dolphins that game?

This is not an article to rip Brian Flores because we have all flipped our lid  a time or two in life over some act that pushed us over the edge. But a recent coaching departure is truly cause for concern because after just one season as a head coach Brian Flores has had coaching defections that appears to say he is not easy to work for, and eventually will be a serious problem for our young inexperienced head coach.

One thing that has been apparent during Brian Flores first season as the Dolphins head coach (also his first time as a head Coach in the NFL) is that there has been far to much turnover among his coaching staff. Either from being fired or some moving on you have to question why unlike say an Eric Bieniemy  who turned down the head coaching job at Colorado to remain the Offensive Coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs while at the same time just one day after being promoted to an assistant/HC  for Miami, WR’s coach Karl Dorrell bolts to take the same coaching job at Colorado that Eric Bieniemy  turned down.

Now it could simply be a case of Karl Dorrell taking advantage of what to him is a better opportunity and we can come to that conclusion but looking deeper into the situation I wounder if Kansas City Chiefs OC Eric Bieniemy were the Dolphins OC would he have turned down that job at Colorado?

If you pay attention to Brian Flores one thing that is truly apparent is that he is a HOT HEAD (see photo above) and not everybody can work with hotheads I know I have problems working under hotheads, so is it possible that these defections from his staff has more to do with personality conflicts with coaches like former defensive coordinator Patrick Graham who left the Dolphins to go to the Redskins to be their defensive coordinator to what amounts to being a lateral move almost always never done (even though it was later reported never confirmed that he also took on the assistant HC title too) or what about Jim Caldwell who last year was hired as Miami’s assistant head coach and quarterbacks coach but mysteriously left the team last season due to what was called “Health Issues”  and later at the end of the year was listed as one of the persons available as a minority candidate for the open NFL head coaching jobs in 2019? He did not get a job as a head coach in the NFL this last season and for some strange reason after apparently overcoming his “Health Issues” never came back to Miami and is no longer a part of the staff.

It is not a requirement that you be likable as a head coach and we need look no further than the regime Brian Flores was poached from as Bill Belichick will not get many votes as the most likable head coach in the NFL but will get just about every vote as the G.O.A.T NFL coaches in history. Unlike Brian Flores, Belichick has earned that respect over time due to his remarkable record as a Head Coach.

Eventually all that matters is wins and losses and so far after his first season despite the high turnover in his staff, Brian Flores gets a pass due to a remarkable 2019 season in which his team overachieved by winning 5 games and no one will question him for now. Recently a very likable Tony Dungy complemented Brian Flores and said he reminds him of himself,, i’m sure he dose not mean his personality as Tony is one of the all time nice guys (Very Likable) and successful head coaches in NFL history.

Hopefully Brain Flores will mature in his role as head coach and mellow out a little and surround himself with competent coaches that can deal with is Alpha Male personality because if he continues to have a high turnover  among his coaching staff it will most likely affect his win/loss totals and he will work himself out of a job.

Chill Brian!

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