Doubling Down On Josh Rosen

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There’s a saying a “bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”  it means, it’s better to be content with what you have than to risk losing everything by seeking more. The crazy off-season rumors are ramping up as now a so called credible source has updated his mock draft to show the Detroit Lions drafting Tua Tagovailoa with the 3rd pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Mel Kiper Jr has joined the hype of predicting the Alabama QB will be drafted by the Lions in his mock draft 2.0. (Need Subscription)

Many Dolphins fans should rejoice because even though  Mel Kiper Jr, gets a good grade in his overall mock draft history he often gets the early picks wrong, with that being said I still stand by my belief that the Dolphins are more than content to go into the 2020 season with the same QB’s they ended the 2019 season with Ryan Fitzpatrick 37/38 vs Josh Rosen 23.

Why do say this?

Josh Rosen was the 10th pick in 2018 and he got a raw deal in Arizona and ended up being traded to the Dolphins in 2019, the same year they tore down the roster with plans to build it up starting in 2020, so it was not a fair deal to try and evaluate Josh Rosen in 2019 with a very inexperienced OC Chad O’Shea who was to busy relying on Ryan Fitzpatrick to win games but failed in developing Josh Rosen.

Now with Chan Gailey aboard, the Dolphins can focus on developing Josh Rosen in 2020 and have him compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick again while they use free agency and the draft to build the team around Josh Rosen, affording him every opportunity to succeed as they should.

It is incumbent that Josh Rosen come to camp ready to win the starting job and I think he is fully aware of his situation and will rise to the occasion. If Josh Rosen does not outright beat out Ryan Fitzpatrick in training camp and preseason, I can see him taking over the starting job before the end of 2020. If not the Dolphins will in 2021 draft one of the top QB’s in the draft. Josh Rosen has the talent and skills to be a starting NFL QB he just needs to grow in reading defenses and making the transition to a NFL caliber offense.

As the Dolphins upgrade the offensive line and bring in quality RB’s from both free agency and the draft I feel we will see the true potential of Josh Rosen come out and he will step up and take over the starting job in Miami.

GM Chris Grier did not waste the picks (2019 second-round pick (previously acquired from the New Orleans Saints, and the Dolphins fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.) he gave up to acquire Josh Rosen in fact, he fully expects Josh Rosen to take over as our starting QB. So I am doubling down in my belief that Miami will not draft a QB in 2020 much to the surprise of many, except those who read my blog 🙂

I am standing behind my prediction and will own up to it if proven wrong but at the same time I will still feel Miami will have made a mistake if they give up on Josh Rosen so soon.

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