Don’t Get Sidetracked Miami

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The Dolphins brass need to stay focused on their tasks to rebuild this team, there’s no more important piece in the rebuild then a young quarterback.

That’s why I recently pinned an article about Ryan Fitzpatrick who I truly appreciate his play this year but it’s not about a veteran quarterback and we cannot allow Ryan or any other veteran quarterback unless he’s young to hinder the progress of a young signal caller for the future.

Currently Miami have 3 QB’s on the roster Ryan Fitzpatrick, Josh Rosen, Jake Rudock and they rank in that order. Last season the Dolphins carried two QB’s on their 53 man squad and Josh Rosen was backup for just about the entire season as Ryan Fitzpatrick held him off from getting the starting job.

This 2020 season is probably one of the most important seasons in Dolphins history, the only season that would be more important was just after the 1969 season when  then Dolphins owner  Joe Robbie, signed Don Shula to a contract to become Miami’s second head coach. The Dolphins was charged with tampering by the NFL, which forced the Dolphins to give their first-round pick to the Colts. As history would prove it was well worth giving up that pick as Don Shula proved to be not only the best head coach in Dolphins history but one of the best of all time in the NFL.

GM Chris Grier is under the microscope and the decisions he makes this off-season will affect the Dolphins for years to come, we can only hope that he will usher in a new era for Miami that will get them back to being one of the contenders in the NFL. The roster is in need of more talent and the last 20 seasons have been a failure in building Miami. Is Chris Grier the right person for the job? We will soon find out because he has been given the task to do the rebuild and so far so good.

  • He hired Brian Flores last season as head coach
  • He cleaned up Miami’s cap
  • He purged the Roster by cleaning house and tearing the team down to the Studs
  • He acquired multiple draft Picks for the 2020 & 2021 seasons a total of 24 with many of them in the first 3 rounds. Three first-round and two second-round selections in 2020 and two first round picks and two second round picks in 2021 and who knows what deals they might make if they decide to trade down in the 2020 draft at some point.
  • He also put Miami in position with over 100 million dollars in cap money to have more money to spend in Free Agency than any other team and they might add to that number when they make more cuts before free agency starts in 2020.

GM Chris Grier has worked very hard to put the Dolphins in great shape moving forward and we should all be grateful that team owner handed over the keys to this quiet unassuming man who seems to have the right moves to finally (after 20 years) get the Dolphins back on track.


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