Miami Will Surprise Many In The 2020 Draft!

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Every year during the dead period, just after the Superbowl and before the NFL draft you get countless numbers of MOCK DRAFTS from fans, sports blogs, sports reporters and sports annalist.

The most famous person is the godfather of mock drafts Mel Kiper Jr. who for years have irritated GM’s with his criticism of their picks as an annalist and even though his picks are often wrong he has built a career on ESPN with his draft predictions. Even now ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. and Todd McShay are two of the most popular draft annalist out there in fact you must pay a premium price to access their picks.

It’s just not that serious to me to pay for what should be free reading on the internet and especially when most of the time their predictions are wrong.

The majority of the mock drafts have the Dolphins taking quarterback Tua Tagovailoa early in the draft, some even suggesting the Dolphins will have to trade up in the draft to get the Alabama QB. I’m hedging my bets that the Dolphins will surprise everyone and pass up drafting a QB, but instead concentrate on building a team around Josh Rosen and give him another year to develop and compete with Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job.

The Dolphins have the luxury (2 first round picks in 2021) of waiting another year to draft a top QB if after giving Rosen the 2020 season to prove himself on a roster that posses the talent he lacked last season and he still fails to take advantage of his opportunity.

The one thing I will give the Dolphins management credit for is how they have kept everything in house, there are no leaks coming out of the Davie facility so obviously everyone’s speculating throwing out rumors and in some cases outright lies as to what’s going to happen with the Miami Dolphins in the 2020 NFL draft.

Many seems to feel the Dolphins have a problem with their quarterback situation, I just don’t see it, I’m not buying into it and like I wrote in an earlier article, if the Dolphins are trading up in the NFL draft it’s not going to be for a quarterback.

I think they privately  covet Chase Young and that is who, if they trade up, they will target and the reason why I say this is because the Dolphins head coach is a defensive coach and it’s no way in the world that he does not desperately want to get his hands on Chase Young for his defense. I think the Dolphins are figuring out a way to position themselves to move up in the draft to get Chase Young while others are thinking QB.

While everyone is being misdirected and foolishly believing that the Dolphins are not satisfied with their current situation at quarterback, I contend that all the moves they made this off-season was to help Josh Rosen continue to develop as their future quarterback.

Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins make a move up in the draft and come draft day they target Chase Young, what will be a telling factor is if the Dolphins are trying to trade up into the number one or number two spot in the draft anticipating that the Cincinnati Bengals will take Joe Burrow.

Fortunately for Miami all this speculation and focus on a quarterback makes their job easy while they quietly prepare a plan to get one of the best  defensive ends to come out of college in a long time.

Brian Flores would love to have that kid on his defensive because Flores wants to build the best defense in the NFL. That’s how your Dolphins seer sees it and I’m sticking with my gut feeling on this because I sure hope that is exactly what the Dolphins intend to do.

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