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I saw a rumor online that said the Dolphins are talking to the Washington Redskins exploring the option of trading up for their number #2 pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

I immediately recalled my article I wrote a couple of weeks ago saying that the only person I would trade up for if I were the Dolphins is not QB Joe Burrow but DE Chase Young.

So naturally when I saw this rumor the first thing I thought was it most likely is just that, a rumor. But instead of letting that rumor irritate me I decided to explore it and see what would it take for the Dolphins to trade up to the number two spot with the Washington Redskins.

The first thing I thought about is the old Trade Value Chart to use as a gage to determine the worth of each pick and what it would take to make a deal. So looking at the trade value chart the Washington Redskins #2 pick has a value of 2600 points and the Dolphins #5 pick has a value of 1700 points the difference being 900 points as a gage for moving up.

So the Dolphins would have to give up their #5 pick, their #26th pick and their #70th pick in this years draft to move up and get the Redskins #2 pick in the draft. Miami would still have the #18th pick as a second first round pick in the draft. I am not sure I would want to do that but I am also intrigued about the possibility of landing Chase Young in the draft and I can honestly say as your FANTASY GM I would be willing to make that move.

What do you think is it worth the value to give up those picks to get the Redskins #2 pick and be in position to draft Chase Young? What if the Bangles decided to draft Chase Young with their #1 pick? Would you then draft Joe Borrow?

There will be plenty of smoke screens, rumors and out right lies throughout the off-season leading all the way up to the draft. So keep that in mind.

Fins Up!

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