The Only 2 Meaningful Wins Of 2019


Now that the season is over I’m sticking with my opinion that at least three games were meaningless wins as the Dolphins find themselves picking fifth in the upcoming 2020 NFL draft. The Dolphins also lost out on an opportunity to coach the Senior Bowl as one of the teams having an up close look at some of the top senior college players entering the NFL draft. The unexpected coaching changes would have also hurt their chances.

Now that the dust is settling as we approach the 2020 off-season the Dolphins are still in a good position picking fifth but it would have been much better to be in position to pick second because no one was going to beat out the Cincinnati Bengals for the number one pick.

I will admit I desperately wanted the Dolphins to be in a position to draft Chase Young, I see no way the three extra wins outweighs the opportunity to draft a player like Young that comes around only once in a while. I know many will say there’s no guarantee that he’s going to be successful in the NFL and that might be true but I sure as hell would take him nonetheless and take my chances because I feel this kid’s going to be special and that same argument can apply to just about any player.

I still hold to my opinion that none of these players are worth giving up any of our draft picks (this year or next year) because the Dolphins have many holes to plug and need to keep every pick they have acquired, if anything the Dolphins should try to acquire more picks like getting back into the 4th round this year.

The first win of the year was truly the most important win because it meant the Dolphins would not go winless throughout the 2019 season as some had feared, it also was a win against a division rival the much-hated New York Jets. What made it even more special was we beat our leftovers as the New York Jets hired former head coach Adam Gase shortly after we fire him last season.

What made that win even more special was after the Dolphins beat the Jets their fans and the New York media went into a frenzy, they wanted to fire Adam Gase and questioned why he was hired in the first place, a question we Dolphin fans can only say we think he’s the best coach you could have ever hired 😉

That win against the Jets still left the Dolphins in very good position in the upcoming NFL draft a position I would have much rather we retained instead of winning meaningless games that at the end of the season don’t matter!

The other win that truly mattered was the final game of the season up in New England, in what was called a playoff game by their head coach, a game they needed to win so the could have an easier path to the Super Bowl, after being trounced earlier in the season what “Sweet Revenge” it would be to beat New England in a very important game on their home field and force them play a wild card game with no time off.

That’s exactly what happened and we know the rest of the story the Patriots the following week was knocked out of the playoffs in the first round at home against the Tennessee Titans

Other than that Brian Flores had nothing to prove and the team would be better off just having two wins and being in second place or maybe even first place in the upcoming draft.

Can you imagine the leverage the Dolphins would have if they had the first pick in the upcoming 2020 NFL draft, I would guarantee you they would take Chase Young with the first pick in the NFL draft had they acquired it.

Unfortunately we will never know because the Dolphins exceeded expectations and now find themselves picking fifth in the upcoming NFL draft. Now other teams have leverage over the Dolphins as some question whether or not the Dolphins need to trade up in the NFL draft for a player they covet.

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