The Dolphins Need To Hang On To Josh Rosen

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The Dolphins should be in no hurry to get rid of Josh Rosen, in fact, the longer they keep him the more valuable he will become. Where that value leads to is the question. Let’s take a close look at Josh Rosen current situation with the Miami Dolphins.

On April 26, 2019, after the Cardinals drafted quarterback Kyler Murray first overall the day prior in the 2019 NFL Draft, Rosen was traded to the Miami Dolphins in exchange for the Dolphins’ 2019 second-round pick (previously acquired from the New Orleans Saints) and their fifth-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.[75][76] He was named the backup to Ryan Fitzpatrick to start the season. (Wikipedia)

As you can see the Dolphins gave up a 2nd and a fifth round pick to acquire Josh Rosen from Arizona, the Dolphins also acquired Josh Rosen’s rookie contract, a contract that is beneficial for Miami because they basically have his services (on the cheap) for the next 3 years with a 4th and 5th year option to extend his deal.

Josh Rosen signed a 4 year, $17,597,756 contract with the Arizona Cardinals, including a $10,878,368 signing bonus, $17,597,756 guaranteed, and an average annual salary of $4,399,439. In 2020, Rosen will earn a base salary of $660,000 and a roster bonus of $1,419,796, while carrying a cap hit of $2,079,796 and a dead cap value of $4,959,490.

After the Cardinals paid that 10 million dollar signing bonus when they drafted Josh Rosen, the Dolphins have Josh Rosen under contract for less than the average BACKUP QB makes. Here is how his deal breaks down:

  • 2019 base salary $570,000.00 with a roster bonus of $709,898 total cost $1,279,898
  • 2020 base salary $660,000 with a roster bonus of $1,419,796 total cost $2,079,796
  • 2021 base salary $750,000 with a roster bonus of $2,129,694 total cost $2,079,796

NFL Quarterbacks average salary is $5.76 million and the median wage is $1.1 million, according to The Houston Chronicle….

Monetarily the Dolphins are in a great situation when it comes to Josh Rosen and his contract, the worst case scenario is that the Dolphins will have a twenty-two-year-old backup quarterback on the roster for the next 3 years even though contractually after the 2021 season Josh Rosen’s rookie deal will be paid off.

Hopefully Josh Rosen takes that leap in 2020 that catapults him to the next level and he becomes our starting QB by beating out Ryan Fitzpatrick for the starting job in Miami and if the Dolphins do draft Tua Tagovailoa he will most likely be red-shirted his rookie season and that would allow Josh Rosen to continue to develop and secure the starting QB job for the Dolphins.

I see no need for Miami to even draft a QB this year but they would be wise to allow things to play out between Josh Rosen and Ryan Fitzpatrick and look to 2021 to draft a QB if Josh fails to secure the starting job.

It seems like far to many people want to rush the Josh Rosen situation for Miami when all things point to the fact that there is no need to rush Josh because his value will increase as he continues to develop and he is at worst a great inexpensive option at the backup QB spot and at best our potential starting QB or trade bait with a high value due to the Dolphins developing him.

I like the way Josh Rosen has handled himself  throughout this very difficult situation in his young career landing on two of the worst rosters one could imagine coming into the NFL and being dumped by the team that drafted him and losing out on the starting QB battle his 2nd season in the NFL to the more experience veteran journeyman QB and very lovable Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Hopefully Josh Rosen will seize his opportunity and prove he has grown and can win the QB battle in the upcoming 2020 season or at least generate enough interest for some team to be willing to trade a first round pick for but also there is always a need for a backup QB on every NFL roster.

I am rooting for Josh Rosen to become the Dolphins franchise QB!

Keeping hope alive!

Fins Up!

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