Josh Rosen Must Come Prepared For Battle!

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Josh Rosen must be prepared to fight for his job because he’s going to be in a battle this year with competition, first and foremost he has to compete against Ryan Fitzpatrick the Wiley veteran who held him off from being the starter of the Dolphins just about the entire 2019 season.

Rosen must also be prepared to battle against whoever the Dolphins decide to draft in the upcoming 2020 NFL draft, if they decide to take a quarterback which all indications show that they will. When you think of it this is the correct way for the Dolphins to handle the quarterback situation by adding legitimate competition and let the best man win. Coach Brian Flores proved last year that players must earn the starting job it will not be given to you. The best players that gives the team a chance to win starts period!

Josh Rosen has an advantage over any other QB that may be added to the roster this off-season because he spent last year on the roster and is familiar with the team but that is just a slight advantage because of the coaching changes after the season, for Rosen this will be his forth change in the style of offense he will have to learn and his forth OC in what will be his 3rd season in the NFL.

Even though it might not seem fair it’s the reality the Josh Rosen must deal with you must overcome the challenges before him and focus on winning the starting quarterback job in Miami.

For the Dolphins this is a win/win because the better Josh Rosen proves to be the most value he he adds to the team and himself.

I have not given up on Josh Rosen, in fact I’m hoping that he wins the starting job. I see him as a modern-day younger Aaron Rodgers who also had a rough start to his professional career. Rodgers had one of the worst experiences during the NFL draft as he slid down the draft board. The Packers drafted him and he had to sit behind pro bowl QB Brett Favre from 2005–2007. At the time I am sure it may have been hard for Rodgers but it actually proved to be the best thing for him because he had no pressure starting off, he also by dropping in the draft landed on a very good team and by sitting behind one of the best QB’s in the NFL he was able to learn the game and develop his style.

I am hoping that somehow Josh Rosen will follow the same path and during this off-season he works his but off and comes to camp and ball out! Hopefully despite his limited experience in the NFL he will allow his talent to overtake Ryan Fitzpatrick and make it hard for Miami to give the starting job to anybody but Rosen.

Let the Dolphins deal with what to do with the other QB’s on the roster.

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