Is RB David Johnson The Answer?

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Can Miami take another Cardinals cast away and ad him to the roster? It’s no secret that Miami will be looking to upgrade the running-back position and I believe they should look to both free agency and the draft to upgrade the competition. In free agency the Dolphins want to bring in a veteran but at the same time not overspend for that veteran running back and with news coming out of Arizona recently that the Cardinals might be looking to part ways with David Johnson, even willing to eat some of the cost of his 10 million dollar salary or looking to trade David Johnson.

Johnson (28) is still young enough to get at least two good seasons and to sign him to an incentive deal would be the best way to go about dealing with him giving him a good signing bonus and leaving a way out within a year if it does not work out.

I look at Johnson as a low risk high reward player and that is the kind of player this team has shown interest in in the past and I feel he would be a valuable asset for the young RB’s as well as he still has something left in the tank and would provide legitimate competition in training camp.

Miami Dolphins running game was the worst in the NFL in one of the worst in dolphin history this past season and even though it all cannot be blamed on the running backs we still did not have a back that made a difference after trading away Kenyan Drake.

How ironic then it is Kenyan Drake who’s pushing David Johnson out the door at the Cardinals seem to have interest in re-signing the younger running back. I’ll try not to go on my rant about how the Dolphins did not utilize Kenyan Drake properly when he was here.

Even though the Dolphins have a lot of cap space and money to spend this year I’m not a big fan of them spending a lot of money on any one particular player that’s why David Johnson seems to be an excellent opportunity to get a quality running back with most likely a chip on his shoulder and something to prove but at the same time below the market value if they can make a deal with the Cardinals to trade him to Miami but eat some of his cost.

Other free agent running backs worth considering

  1. Derrick Henry (Age: 26) The Best RB in the NFL (Will Cost a Mint but worth it)
  2. Kenyan Drake (Age: 26) I’m still confused why it did not work in Miami (He’s getting Paid)
  3. Melvin Gordon (Age: 26) My personal Favorite, would love to see him in Miami.
  4.  Austin Ekeler (Age: 24) would be an excellent option but is a (RFA) will have to make a deal.
  5. Kareem Hunt (Age: 24) Knucklehead Not worth the risk!
  6. Matt Breida (Age: 24) Small speedster the lightning next to thunder
  7. Jordan Howard (Age: 25) the thunder needed with Matt Breida (injury concerns)

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