It’s Our Turn Now!

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It’s not been easy to be a Dolphins fan for the past two decades, ever since Don Shula retired. There has been numerous attempts by the past two owners Wayne Huizenga and current owner Stephen Ross to build a championship team in Miami, but to no avail.

Though both owners had good intent, so far the outcome has been nothing short of a disaster. A series of failed attempts, whether it be free agency, coaching, general managers it’s just been a mitigated disaster amidst scandals and drama that would last a lifetime for any team.

As of last year there seems to be a sense of relief that this team seems to be headed in the right direction. They finally put the horse in front of the cart when owner Stephen Ross finally realized that the convoluted mess that he had in his management structure for the Dolphins left much to be desired.

After cleaning house and handing the keys to the franchise solely to GM Chris Grier there have been changes that are extremely encouraging and should make for an extremely exciting and productive off-season for our Dolphins.

We were given advance warning that the 2019 season was going to be a total rebuild so expectations were lowered and even though we had lower expectations the reality is they did better than some expected and more than many of us wanted in the 2019 season.

So after so many years of enduring the pain of being a Dolphin’s fan it’s finally our turn.

Many of you may not realize it but this is the best time to be a Dolphin fan as we’re about to embark on phase two of the rebuild.

Yes there’s still some distractors out there who want to make you feel frustrated because the Dolphins let go of some young players that had better success after being traded, some even making the Pro Bowl, those same detractors want to stir up your emotions when it comes to our current quarterback situation which in reality is not that bad. They also would like to distract you by complaining about the coaching changes that were made by head coach Brian Flores.

Despite all the negativity there’s a great deal to be positive about starting with free agency, the Dolphins have over 100 million dollars in cap space and it will potentially grow as they make a few moves to finalize the purge. Then it’s on to free agency where the Dolphins will hopefully continue the wise course that GM Chris Grier has set.

After the roster purge of last season there’s no player that we will acquire that wont be needed, so pay attention to free agency because the players we add to this team will be the beginning of building a contender in Miami.

You can look up and down the Dolphins roster from last year and by the beginning of the 2020 season we won’t even remember half the names on last year’s roster and for those who are on the roster they better be ready for some serious competition because that’s the ultimate goal of the team is to provide competition for everybody in every position on this team. It all starts with free agency.

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