Picking Fifth Has Its Value

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Don’t get me wrong I’m still not happy that the Dolphins won five games, three that I would consider meaningless games. The only two games that were worth winning were against the Jets and the last game against the Patriots and it would have been nice to split one with Buffalo. Other than that, the Dolphins would have been better served to have lost  three more games last season.

Yes I know they’re trying to build a winning culture but culture building would go even better with some top talent, can you imagine if we had the second pick in the 2020 draft?  It’s still going to take me awhile to get over it, but I have adjusted to the reality that we have the fifth pick in the upcoming NFL draft, and looking at it, it’s not the worst thing in the world.

As teams, agents, and overzealous fans begin to throw out all type of rumors/lies over the internet, like the latest that the Dolphins want to trade up from five to get Joe Burrow, when I just recently wrote an article that easily explains how Joe Burrow and Josh Rosen are almost identical twins when it comes to measurables, stats and playing style, and to top it off Josh Rosen is actually younger than Joe Burrow with two years of NFL experience under his belt.

So all these rumors about teams drafting ahead of Miami and others behind the Dolphins wanting to trade up, let them take the risk of taking Tua because I contend Miami is perfectly situated with the fifth pick in the draft especially after the Senior Bowl where quarterback Justin Herbert increased his value.

I personally feel the Dolphins are better served to look at shopping the fifth pick to trade down for more second and third round picks if possible.

The Dolphins quarterback situation is not as bad as some would lead you to believe because Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen are an excellent combination to have on the team as Ryan will probably come in and start the 2020 season but somewhere along the way I expect Josh Rosen to get his legitimate shot when the Dolphins add more talent and hopefully better offensive line play, to give Rosen better protection and in addition some quality running backs for Josh Rosen to lean on.

So while everyone speculating and rumors are flying, I think the Dolphins will most likely through free agency and the draft, look to build up the trenches by drafting bigger, stronger, faster players. I see the Dolphins eventually becoming and old school team similar to the Ravens and the Bills that rely on a strong defense and a power running game  especially having a young QB on the roster. He can grow with the young players we will be adding to this team this off-season. He might just need to start off being a game manager QB, keeping the game in check and not making mistakes or beating ourselves.

So the Dolphins are well positioned to just sit at five and let the draft board dictate what decision they make, if Tua is there at five and they want him then they will draft him, if not they can trade down or take a valued player on their board who may grade out higher then Tua, so it’s just a matter of time we will see what the Dolphins are planning to do because free agency will be starting in a few weeks.

We’ll have a better idea what direction the team may be headed after the first phase of free agency….

I’m so excited I just can’t wait!

Fins Up!

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